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I cast my first vote in 1972. I was four months into my nineteenth year, and pulled those levers with pride. Unlike republican Rome, America doesn’t have a formal coming of age ceremony in which teenagers leave adolescence, don a toga, and are recognized as men worthy of self-government. When I voted for Richard Nixon, I felt the rush of being a citizen, of one burdened yet privileged to partake in the civil society and having a say in local, state, and national affairs.

Since then, I never missed a congressional election . . . until 2016. While I voted for Donald Trump, I left the circles blank for congressman and senator. It was a tough decision, but yesterday’s budget deal confirmed my reasoning. Hugh Hewitt said the President could build the border wall; Rush said no, there was specific language that prevented construction. If press reports are accurate, the democrats got everything they wanted, including increased funding for Planned Parenthood, NEA, PBS . . . everything.

Avoiding a so-called shutdown means the Washington DC gravy train and plunder of our nation continues without pause. Obamacare is untouched, and congress remains untouched by Obamacare. Recall the wailing a few years ago from the GOP that congressmen and their staffers couldn’t bear the burden imposed on much of the rest of the nation.

For years we were told to just keep the Congress for the GOP and once we delivered the Presidency to a Republican, THEN things would get done. Phht.

So, what to do? Continue to believe elections alone can restore free government? Isn’t it time to recognize the charade of elections? For whom does congress work? It certainly isn’t the people and the general welfare of the nation. The GOP isn’t interested in outing the treason and high crimes of Obama and his sycophants.

I am no longer a Charlie Brown Republican, one who believes a shred of the campaign promises from his GOP congressman and senators or their leadership.

Article V baby, before the Patriot v. Antifa riots transition to wider violence. We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Now, it is our turn. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.

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4 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Republicans

  1. Dennis W Denton (GC VA COS)

    My first vote was also for Richard Nixon, but in 1968. I have voted in every national election since and have been a lifelong republican – at least until recently. Two years ago I quit donating to the party (about the time I got involved in the Convention of States project) and today I will not open their mail or respond to their phone solicitations. Enough is enough. The republicans have run out of excuses; they have the house, the senate and the presidency but still cannot act with conviction of their so-called beliefs, whatever they are. There is no doubt that we are fighting a “war” right now, the 21st century version of the Revolutionary War. This time our ordinance is education, awareness, participation social media and the modern tools of this era. Rodney is one of those refounders and through COS our numbers will grow and we will be victorious. Thanks Rodney for all you do. Love your blogs.

    1. Rodney Dodsworth Post author

      Thanks. I corrected this post to read, “four months into my nineteenth year.” Oops. It is why I typically put copy aside for few days before publishing. With fresh eyes, few mistakes get by me.

      You are correct. The GOP is out of excuses. The party is merely less awful than the democrats. War it is.

  2. Charles Pierce

    As a young Boy Scout living in Alexandria VA, I took my Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge, we ended up in the Offices of the then Senator Harry F. Byrd, who taught us what it was to be a citizen for about an hour. He then signed my Merit Badge card. I have been a political junkie every sense. I first voted in 1968 Election by absentee ballot, did that until the election of 1988 when I first was able to walk into a polling place. 20 years in the military. I enjoy voting and the political process, although it is frustrating in many ways.

  3. Gary Tollberg

    I have been a conservative all my life…and thought that also meant being a part of the Republican party. I can see that no longer applies. I am MAD AS HELL with this budget and with the concerted effort by the Republican establishment to undermine President Trump. I just saw a YouTube video on a construction worker single-highhandedly confronting Antifa protestors. He was placated by a law enforcement officer, but his display of guts was inspiring.

    I believe that the conservative middle-class is the most powerful economic force in America, but that we have been too comfortable in our air-conditioned houses watching our large screen TVs. It’s beyond the time to rise up and confront the Washington elites, forcefully in necessary. I’m not sure how this should come about, but, as I say, it’s long overdue. Maybe an organization called CRU (Conservatives Rising Up) should be formed, with our first effort being a march on Washington like nothing they have ever seen before. A hundred Trump rallies rolled into one.

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