In Occupied America

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Requiem for a Republic.

President Trump won. We the People happily carried our MAGA President to victory. In overwhelming numbers a grateful nation reelected one of the greatest Presidents ever. He and We won so bigly that democrats silenced him and us. Then they impeached him. Such is the threat posed by a living Donald Trump. The Left knows that we know they outright stole the electoral college for a bumbling pervert of a senile man who, although incapable of stringing together a couple coherent sentences, remains skilled at selling family influence to the Chicoms and skimming tens of millions of dollars in kickbacks from US foreign aid to second and third world countries.

Instead of cheering civilians, the Pretender assumes office today witnessed by thousands of soldiers in the previously federal capital of a free republic. In an America ruled without the pretense of self-government, the Left has big plans. Our natural rights from God and our civil rights in society to speech, press, assembly, equal justice and fair elections exist at the pleasure of Obiden’s ministers. To them, the Constitutional envelope of our Framers is an archaic and horrid racist memory. They are the ones they’ve been waiting for. They will not squander this opportunity to fundamentally transform the United States and grind their political enemies into atoms.

America is occupied. It is occupied by the brutal forces of the democrat party, media, Chicoms, the never Trump GOP and SA street thugs BLM and Antifa.

These people and groups compose The Party. Historically, authoritarian regimes use fictitious tales of treason as the pretext for crushing their political rivals and cowing their citizens into submission. Propaganda organs parrot the regime’s party line while less compliant media are censored.1

Having pulled off the greatest electoral con and coup in our history, The Party will never relinquish power.

In Occupied America:

• Donald Trump is an unperson. Make an example of him. Humiliate him and his wonderful family. Ruin him. Imprison him. Set an example. No more Trumps.
• When the Pretender preaches unity, he means submission.
• We are global citizens. Since American culture is racist and inferior, the importation of superior cultures can only improve America.
• Continued Party dominance relies on hordes of illegal aliens. Native-born white people, especially Christian men, threaten Party dominance.
• Chicoms are not America’s natural enemies. They are The Party’s business partners.
• Chicoms own the Pretender.
• The United States abandons honor when it greenlights the Chicom invasion of Taiwan and other territorial conquests.
• Expect an Enabling Act, rationalized by the Capitol Hill riot, to make war on half of America.
• The Party will pack the Supreme Court and make Puerto Rico and Washington DC states.
• Count on nationwide Dominion Voting machines and mail-in ballots for The Party’s placebo elections. Count me out.
• The Party will either disappear the Electoral College or bribe enough states to implement the National Popular Vote.
• Government schools conduct daily Two Minutes Hate at images of Donald Trump and his Deplorables.
• Laws and regulations are for the Trumpsters. Party members are immune from prosecution.
• Your eyes lie. Truth is that which advances Party interests. Speaking or writing an untruth is a crime.
• BLM and Antifa punish the untruthful.
• Public denunciations of MAGA. Grovel to The Party or become, like Donald Trump, an unperson.
• The Party blacklists those in need of cleansing, reeducation and deprogramming.
• Free speech and press are conditional on the speech and press. All things MAGA are prohibited.
• Freedom of assembly is conditional on the participants.
• The first purpose of federal agencies is to destroy political opponents, the unrepentant Trumpsters.
• Weather is The Party’s god. The Christian God is reactionary and must go.
• As with God, wave goodbye to the foundation of our republic: the civil Judeo-Christian society.
• Children report their parents’ social justice crimes to The Party
• Thou shalt obey speech codes. Tech giant Thought Police.
• Thou shalt employ doublethink. Men can be women.
• Like Communist China, The Party keeps social scores which track everyone’s support of The Party. Privileges, such as travel, social media participation, and productive employment depend on one’s social score.
• High school boys shower with your teenage daughter.
• Party judges condone arbitrary house arrest and business closures.
• The Party rewrites history. We lose memory as well as voice. Welcome to the new Dark Age.
• The Party seeds Section 8 housing in your neighborhood.
• Equality in poverty is superior to unequal widespread prosperity.
• The FBI and DOJ, The Party’s sword and shield, imprison the unrepentant Trumpster.

“How few were left who had seen the republic!” Publius Cornelius Tacitus circa 90 AD.

1. Remember when dissent was patriotic? Great column from The American Spectator: The Left Redefines Resistance as Sedition.