The Confessions of Congressman X

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If you want to vindicate your worst suspicions of Congress, this book is for you.

Simply put, government is a lie. Voters are too ignorant see through the gauze, the hype, the smoke, the deceptions to realize that everyone in Washington, DC looks out for themselves first, last and always. Money is everything. Worry about the country? Don’t be silly. Oh, politicians including congressman X will easily and sincerely mouth platitudes concerning the middle class, poor, the downtrodden. Just don’t think any of the congressional or administrative glitterati, which includes their enormous staffs, would be caught anywhere near Section 8 housing unless it was for a quick photo-op at a nearby soup-kitchen.

Everything is a charade. Everyone does it. Like the girl who knows when a boy is lying to her, congressional committees know when Cabinet Secretaries are lying, yet both the girl and congressmen expect the lies and perhaps enjoy being deceived.

Here are a few of the very worst admissions from congressman X:

• Congress = corruption.

• Government is its own special interest.

• Screw the common good. Congressmen are willing puppets of special interests and big donors while bankrupting the country and lining their pockets along the way.

• Fundraising from big donors consumes an enormous amount of time.

• Congressman X doesn’t read bills before voting. Staff tells him how to vote.

• Attending town halls and pretending to care is quite a burden. The average voter actually thinks he influences how congressmen vote.

• The secret to successful lying is repetition.

• The regular appropriations process hasn’t happened this century.

• Congressional members of the president’s party are tools of the president. Forget separation of powers.

• The rules don’t apply to congress. They apply to you.

• The party of congressman X, the democrat party, used to care for the working class. No more.

• Congressman X would prefer to vote as a moderate, but his party has gone loony leftist, and he must vote along with them. He regards Tea Party patriots as equally nuts.

Toward the end of the book, congressman X reveals that he might actually have a soul when he expresses concern over the continuing harm to our nation:

• Spending and the societal damage done by entitlement programs may have reached the tipping point of our survivability. He isn’t hopeful about the future.

• Regulatory agencies do as they wish with little regard to the law.

• His solutions involve congress reforming itself, which he admits is an impossibility, a pipe dream.

• Congressman X closes with, “God help us. “

So, congressman X knows he is a crewmember on the sinking ship United States. While we, the passengers, the American people, will be cast off to an icy death, X and his fellows in congress will be saved and will prosper.

The John Birch Society, Eagle Forum and Article V opponents are determined to go down with the ship. Rather than risk the necessary damage control measures to possibly save our nation, they choose to meekly go to a certain, horrible end.

The Confessions of Congressman X.

*This squib dovetails with Sitting Out The November Congressional Election from two days ago.