President Donald Trump and Article V. Restore the Republic.

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To bookend Benjamin Franklin’s famous remark at the close of the Federal Convention in September 1787, the unique republican design of Franklin and his fellow Framers ended on January 6th 2021. It didn’t fall to external forces; it fell instead to the usual republican disease of internal conflict incited by those who corrupt free governing institutions for personal gain. January 6th marked the end, the final soiling, when Congress accepted obviously fraudulent and unconstitutional electoral votes.

The Party is in charge, but it knows that we know they stole the election. So fearful were they of Trump supporters dominating the viewing stands to Obiden’s inauguration, they planted 25,000 soldiers in their stead. The Party understands optics and the unmistakable message for the deplorables was “We don’t have popular support, but we are in charge. Sit down and shut up . . . or else.”

We the People do not govern. America is occupied by hostile forces under the democrat party and its camp-followers. Just as the corrupted institutions of the Roman Republic remained in the Roman Empire, the American republic still exists on paper but in Potemkin institutions: a fake House of Representatives, a similar and undeliberative phony Senate, a social justice politicized Scotus and now a Pretender President.

We did what the John Birch Society, the leading opponent to an Article V Convention of States, advocated for decades. In overwhelming numbers we reelected the most capable, most pro-American and most anti-establishment President in our history. Let’s say this remarkable man has the energy to run again in 2024. Is there any reason to believe The Party will not further refine the art of the steal?1 What say the JBS? Just keep voting in placebo elections in which the outcome is predetermined?

But, perhaps not all is lost. Perhaps amidst the storm of political persecution, We the People do an end-run around DC and reassert our sovereignty by replacing the democratic republic established in 1913 with the Framers’ original FEDERAL republic of member states. It is time for Constitutionalists, Birchers, Libertarians, the Eagle Forum and all liberty lovers to accept reality; get out of the Flatland mindset, recognize the futility of relying on elections and accept the third dimension our Framers left behind for our redemption in Article V.

A longshot? Sure. So what? Shall we do nothing and await Winston Smith deprogramming?2 We must act quickly, because with every passing day more Americans swill the 1619 Project Kool-Aid. It is now or never to reinvigorate American first principles.

America and the world stand at the precipice. A new Dark Age is at hand in which tech giants, islamists, communists and globalists enrich appeasing democrats and never Trumpsters while they silence and impoverish Americans. Here is The Party’s lesson for us: don’t ever do that again. Don’t ever consider an outsider, a non-party man or woman like the Framers sought in Article II.3 Look at what The Party is doing to President Trump, his family and associates.

Whether or not President Trump stands convicted of a nonsensical charge designed to steal another election from him, he alone has the persona, experience and leadership to shepherd 75 million deplorables via their states toward the first Article V convention since our Framing.

Like George Washington, who twice saved America through his talent, experience, character, intelligence and grit, President Trump’s enormous prestige and respect are essential to our salvation.

Has the national government of 2021 not become a curse? Does it not subvert the Constitution and liberty? Our liberty and lives exist at the pleasure of The Party.

Donald Trump is the man to call on the sovereign American people to restore free government in a newly invigorated FEDERAL republic. President Trump has the nationwide standing to single out Congress to do its Article V duty and call a Convention of States. The states have submitted hundreds of applications and Congress is duty bound to call a convention. Now. Congress will of course refuse. Take the matter to the Scotus. Should Scotus decline, it is time for extra-constitutional measures. President Trump should then call the states to attend a COS.

Article V grants nothing. If Article V didn’t exist, We the People would still have a societal right independent of the government we created to meet in convention. Article V merely recognizes the inherent right of all societies to set the rules of their governing system. It sets out one orderly procedure to assemble delegates of the Sovereign People. It does not preclude a convention without the blessing of a corrupted congress. A state convention to propose amendments is not a gift from congress, but the expression of the Sovereign People to reestablish free government.

The Framers envisioned a free people would keep and improve their republic through Article V. They recognized that whereas power is aggressive, liberty is passive, and unless actively pursued, liberty will always fade in the face of encroaching power.

We are at the point where encroaching power is poised to snuff out liberty.

Forget the rigged elections. Article V.

1. Nancy’s first bill: HR1
2. Winston Smith was the protagonist in George Orwell’s 1984.
3. Check out Federalist 68, The Mode of Electing the President.