Diversity is Our Demise

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Somewhere in the 1980s, “diversity is our strength” made its debut. At the time, I gaffed it off as another Leftist idiocy that would soon fizzle out.

How wrong I was. Their mantra, which spread to the rest of government and society, goes something like this: diversity supposedly means respect for all cultures, religions, ethnic backgrounds. Since all values and moralities are equal, the multiculturalist must deny any intrinsic superiority of free societies over slave societies. Since our national strength is derived from a multitude of cultures, Leftist ideology demands not only the importation of muslims, but retention of their culture, rather than assimilation. Doesn’t “all men are created equal” demand respect for other cultures? I say no, because behind the façade of diversity, multiculturalism seeks destruction of the individual, society, and ultimately, our republic.

Now, the Left is nothing if not adept at clothing their lies with see-through garments of truth. What they regard as deep thoughts typically have no more depth than a regular feature from Mad Magazine in my youth that was called What They Say . . . What it Really Means. When progressives say they seek national strength through multiculturalism, they actually seek our national demise.

We’ve been told that diversity as a strength goes back to our founding era. See, delegates from thirteen various backgrounds respected one another, worked together and ultimately compromised enough to design a government. The garment of truth is that yes, they compromised. Yes, they dealt with diverse traditions. The falsehood is that they compromised first principles. Through various compromises, the Constitution of September 1787 was quite different from the plan submitted in May, yet delegates to the federal convention did not compromise any principles of the Declaration of Independence. The truth is that the Left must ignore how the Framers dealt with diversity.

Without threatening the tenets of the American Revolution, their plan of government dealt with diverse cultures. A nabob from Charleston was said to be no more familiar to a Puritan in Massachusetts than a Chinaman. The key was federalism, in which thirteen republics retained that which they did not relinquish to the government of their creation in the Constitution. If actual federalism existed today, we’d have more varieties of American sub-cultures across our nation. Perhaps schools in Massachusetts would promote homosexuality, while Texans would ban the practice. THAT is diversity in a republic of republics.

The Leftist screed doesn’t stop at diversity in culture. As corollary, Leftists demand diversity among races. Social justice demands a hierarchy in which particular characteristics and behaviors are associated with skin color! Are you white? You are an oppressor. Believe it . . . or else. Are you black or muslim? You are oppressed. Without citing a Second Amendment right to self-defense, the Left justifies Black Lives Matter riots as simple social justice. The oppressed are entitled to lash out at their oppressors.

Ultimately, when Leftists say we must respect other cultures in order to work together to solve our problems, they mean to minimize and eventually eradicate our Judeo-Christian culture. Beneath every one of their demands is a singular, ultimate goal: annihilation of the nation through destruction of American civil society.

Free government, the one designed in our Constitution of 1787, is built on the foundation of a civil society. Civil Society is the condition of living together according to reason without a common superior on earth, in mutual assistance, peace, goodwill, and preservation; it is the background against which republican, free government is understood. It tells us what government is what it does by showing us what it is not and what it does not do. It makes it possible to distinguish proper forms of government from improper ones.

Absolutist rulers in any form are inconsistent with Civil Society, and can be no form of civil government at all. When cultures hostile to our traditions are purposely imported, the intent is to upset the peace, goodwill, and tranquility of the Judeo-Christian civil society. With enough tumult, political turmoil, riots, and special privileges for select groups, the Left can ultimately destroy society. Out goes the rule of law; it will be replaced with authoritarian rulers who hold on to power by playing one interest off another, by pitting various ethnic, religious, racial groups at each other’s throats.

Society predates government. Society isn’t government. Assertions from Obama notwithstanding, we do not belong to government.  Society forms free government, and a functioning republican free government absolutely depends on a civil society.

The Left’s efforts are not limited to the destruction of all effective political opposition; they work to destroy civil society, and with it, our nation. When they say diversity is our strength, they mean diversity is our demise.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.

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