Belonging to Government or to God?

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Like me, you probably did an eye-roll when you were a middle school kid and read of the charge in our Declaration of Independence that King George III intended to practically enslave his American colonists. Yeah, right. Those Founders sure knew how to exaggerate.

At the 2012 democrat party convention, the party of chattel slavery ditched all reference to God from their platform. Getting back to their roots and letting lose their inner Marxists, they went on to inform the nation that not only is government the one thing we all have in common, everyone belongs to it! Notwithstanding the thirteenth amendment of 1865, the democrat party so much as proclaimed the return of hereditary slavery. But this time, for everyone.

In all repressive regimes, the state is the highest lawgiver. As such, God cannot exist. Invoking God or His laws is tantamount to treason. Hmm, when did Scotus prohibit giving thanks to God through prayer in public schools? A serviceman was recently court martialed for refusing to remove a bible from his desk. For practical purposes the free exercise clause of the First Amendment now reads “you bible-thumpers had better keep your superstitions to yourself.”

Of course, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. What we know at least intuitively, that freedom necessitates obedience to God’s higher law, is backed up by some straightforward principles put to paper a hundred years before our Declaration of Independence. The natural law concepts of a man of tremendous influence on our founding generation, John Locke, can be reduced to three fundamentals:

  • Man’s duty to God is the fount from which all of our social relations, including governing compacts, are derived.
  • Mankind is to be preserved. Since we are all the workmanship of one omnipotent maker, we are His property, and may not destroy that which is His.
  • Being obliged by nature to live in society, man’s duty is to preserve the society upon which his very life depends.

Slaves belong to government. Free people belong to, and follow God. The nation that embraces these simple principles can never wake up in chains. Which shall it be?

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