That Precious Jewel – American Citizenship

I am an unabashed American. That’s an American without hyphens. Snowflake objections to our past don’t concern me. I’m proud of it all. All men are born equal, but not all nations. America is #1, every other nation is not, and that is that.

I look down my nose just a little at foreigners, not as 1930s Untermensch, but more in pity along the lines of our homegrown 1980s P.J. O’Rourke.1 Americans are simply unequally better than the rest of the world. Thanks to extra-ordinary good luck, I hold a jewel that much of the rest of humanity wants and I won’t give up: my share of the American community, my citizenship.

Unlike life in class-conscious countries, I needn’t avert my gaze downward when talking to anyone. The homeless American can stand next to the President and look at him squarely in his eyes. We don’t curtsey or genuflect to anyone but God. My attitude makes for swagger. From Old-Glory and Ronald Reagan t-shirts to a MAGA lawn sign, they all mark me as someone who loves his country and is covetous to keep it. As if my t-shirts didn’t send a strong enough signal, I enjoy the occasions when I’m rhetorically confronted by Leftists. For like-minded patriots, always remember that you have the advantage in defending what you know and love. The typical Leftist dirtbag doesn’t know what he’s talking about; why study what you hate? I wouldn’t, and neither do they.

My bedrock culture is that of our Founders and Framers. That includes Christianity. It’s from the Christian tradition we know are all men born equal. We don’t do evil in God’s name; we do good.

Now, I’m not against giving anyone an equal chance at anything including American citizenship. But that means the immigrant doesn’t just pass a multiple-choice civics test; he also drops his old intellectual baggage, and I mean all of it. Was he a modern-day peasant or serf in his old country? If so, I want to know for sure that he can live in liberty and resist every Leftist effort to reduce him once again to subservience.

We protect what we love, and discard that which we don’t. Long ago I happened to read some Charles De Montesquieu that stuck with me. He wrote that the first purpose of education in a republic is to teach love of country. This isn’t necessary in authoritarian or monarchal regimes where the slave or subject need only do as he’s told. But, in republics, where the citizen is the sovereign and along with fellow citizens are responsible for protecting their liberties, they must first love their country.

Tell this to a Lefty and watch a toddler meltdown. Not just immigrants, but every native-born schoolkid must learn to covet America. Only America will take anyone in; anyone who drops their old tribal or hierarchal attitudes and assimilates into the wonder of American culture is welcome.

All cultures are not equal. Want to be a Japanese? Forget it. They don’t allow it and I don’t want to be Japanese anyway.

Here’s another admission. I give a cold eye to muslims, and especially muslim women covered head to foot. It isn’t a sign of virtue or chastity. Every islamic symbol is a single-finger “up yours” to America. In contravention of the Third Commandment, these people do evil in their god’s name. Just as I can never become Japanese, devout muslims will never drop their intellectual baggage and embrace America.

Review the Preamble to our Constitution. We have a duty to pass the Blessings of Liberty down to our posterity! There’s neither love of country nor liberty under sharia. Yes, I’m an unhyphenated American nationalist, proud that his country protects individual rights like no other nation in history, but there’s no more right to practice sharia than there is to follow the bylaws of MS-13.

If I had my way, I’d make immigrant citizenship conditional. After a probationary period of maybe three years, I’d present another civics test.

The applicant might be asked to explain why Alexander Hamilton bothered writing the 85th Federalist weeks after the ninth state had already ratified the Constitution? There isn’t a single right answer, but he passes the test if he can relate anything remotely intelligent about this remarkable Revolutionary War soldier, writer and statesman.

Sit down pajama boys. My America will always be that of John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. I’ll continue to fight all Leftist efforts to soil, steal or diminish my inestimable jewel, American citizenship.

1. Best quote ever from PJ O’Rourke.

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  1. Concord Green

    My citizenship is at least as precious to me as yours is to you. Check out Hallel.

    I think the O’Rourke citation a bit over the top.

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