Shall Presidents Serve at the Pleasure of the Deep State?

Subtitle: Cold Anger and the Article V Verge.

Under the color of law and in the tradition of its earliest republican institutions, tyranny thrived in Imperial Rome. Likewise, the Deep State covers its criminal tracks in Constitutional practices. Did Navy Admiral McRaven recently confirm that senior officer ranks joined the Deep State? Is the Deep State an emergent Praetorian Guard whose posterior Presidents must kiss?

Perhaps decades ago, Donald Trump recognized what was going on. Upon his candidacy on June 15th 2015 he declared war on the Deep State. In unmistakable terms he put on notice, those who sold out the American people, that their gravy train was coming to an end. With indefatigable courage he took on the mass treason of entrenched bureaucratic enemies within the executive, legislative, judicial and media branches. Given the assisted suicides and untimely deaths of others who presented far lesser threats to Deep State interests, I’m surprised and grateful that President Trump is still vertical.

Despite media avoidance of the obvious, its an open secret that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton descended to new depths when they sicced American Law and foreign intelligence agencies on the Trump campaign. Our institutions are so rotten that only one man, Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA, stepped forward to warn President-elect Trump of illegal surveillance. Despite the discovery the conspirators pressed on in their efforts to frame George Papadopoulos, Lt General Flynn and horribly prosecute anyone they thought they could squeeze into accusing President Trump. Next, for over two years, they put America through Constitutional hell in a forty million dollar jihad led by a man in perhaps early dementia, Robert Mueller.

When that didn’t work, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, the democrat party’s Lord High Impeacher, fell back to their next line of defense, a hopelessly flawed Inquisition whose integrity and due process don’t pass the giggle test.

Despite blanketing their treason with the rule of law, the plotters know the jig is up. They know that a majority of Americans are on to them, that the democrat party justifies its means with its ends: absolute power. Yet, the conspirators go unpunished. They publish books and are paid handsomely to peddle their lies on cable propaganda yik-yak shows. The Deep State cancer is nothing if not profitable.

Citizens see the trashing of cherished traditions. They saw good institutions turned toward evil when a Deep State, heretofore unknown before Trump’s election, assumed the power to make or unmake Presidents. We the People did not assign our electoral duties to a shadowy College of democrat Cardinals. Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Pelosi, and Schiff are not presidential electors. Their unmasked subversion is sending Americans into fits of previously unknown rage.

The democrat party has done immeasurable and perhaps irreversible harm to Presidential elections; they’re willing to destroy them and everything else in their quest for power. Given the near-success of the Deep State to install Hillary Clinton, why should America accept the election of future democrats? Who among us will not wonder if treasonous skullduggery and fraud gifts the next immaculated President?

A Cold Anger builds across the land. Patriots are on to the con, a seemingly endless parade of three card monte in which we are told to sit down, shut up, and accept that we are screwed while the political class and their camp followers reap millions. Accept the loss of jobs, open borders, censorship, ever more regulations, muzzies, Obamacare, Porkulus, bailouts, omnibus spending bills, LGBTQ “rights,” unbalanced trade, judge-made law, and finally Presidents allowed to govern or not by the Deep State. James Madison had a name for this: an elective despotism.

Street violence against it is pointless. The scheme of politicized justice that leaves high criminals unpunished sends Proud Boys, and rarely Antifa, to prison. Unlike the anarchist antics of the Deep State’s paramilitary wings, the Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, Cold Anger is largely unsaid and rarely articulated. Yet it is purposeful. Instead of Trump bumper stickers, it manifests itself at Trump campaign rallies and the polling place. Even in the strongest democrat strongholds like Minneapolis, President Trump fills and overflows every venue. He does this every time and everywhere. President Trump is a Rockstar whom no Senate trial will remove from office.

But President Trump alone cannot reform the Deep State. Thanks to Bill Barr and John Durham we might see a few convictions, which is a necessary start, but they won’t do away with a system that over decades nurtured and rewarded such people. A Congress that profits from the system certainly isn’t interested in its demise.

The Deep State expect things to return to normal once President Trump departs. Shall we trust the liberty of our posterity to the improbable election of another Glorious Bastard? The time is ripe for We The People to turn Cold Anger into the most decisive action available to republics. Our choices are rule through fear under the thumb of a Deep State secured by a pretend Constitution, or realize our supposed servants are actually our masters and we take the necessary measures through an Article V COS to restore free government. We have nothing to lose and liberty to gain.

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  1. Concord Green

    Convention of States, I say Yea!
    Another Glorious Bastard, only because that person must have that level of Brass, I say Yea!

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