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“Every great cause,” wrote the philosopher Eric Hoffer, “begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Having led the anti-slavery movement to its culmination some 160 years ago, and since setting the stage for explosive national growth and prosperity in the latter 19th century, the guiding principle of today’s GOP is . . . ?

We shouldn’t be disappointed, ever, by the Racket Republicans. As a group, what do Republicans in Congress stand for other than reelection? Hardly a week goes by in which patriots aren’t saddened. Name the issue. Democrats pack up like dogs. Pubbies scatter like cats. Conservative platforms shout “rino!” as these people collude, no matter the harm to our nation, with democrats to take down President Trump. We are disillusioned yet typically vote for them every two years because the alternative is too disgusting, the idea of adding janissaries to Nancy and Chuck’s jihad against all that is good. We are stuck voting for either bad or worse. Or are we?

As Obama destroyed the economic future of millions of young adults, opened the southern border, seeded muslims around the country, and funded Iranian terror and nukes to the tune of billions of dollars, the GOP curled up in a corner. Nary a peep. They were happy to go along as a radical transforming President divided the nation into warring groups.

Ex-Senator Jeff Flake (R) of Arizona was the Never Trump poster boy. Elected in 2012, his polling numbers tanked in proportion to his public criticism of President Trump. Days after leaving office this year, he signed on with CBS News. They can’t balance a budget but they sure can stuff their pockets.

Just weeks before the 2016 election, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan publicly disinvited Donald Trump to a campaign rally and announced would not support his candidacy. When Trump won, Ryan said he’d support funding a border wall. Oops. Sorry. He didn’t mean it. Neither did Mitch McConnell.

Despite the President’s growing coattails, so many Republican declined to run for office in 2018 that Nancy won the House. The Racketeers just knew the Russia investigation was going to take him out, and a post-Watergate style blowout of the GOP was certain. Why stick around to get slaughtered?

No-name Obama-appointed district court judges stop the lawful workings of the executive branch at every turn. Where the Racket Republicans? Not a word of complaint or even promises (tell me sweet little lies) to invoke its Article III powers to put a leash on the judicial curs.

This next betrayal really hurt. A man whom I once admired, John McCain, voted against repeal of an unconstitutional and horrid burden called Obamacare. A McCain courier delivered the Clinton Dossier to the FBI. This former patriot turned against his country to get even with Trump for a few awful comments during a campaign debate. Ted Cruz got over similar ill-considered words. McCain could not.

When Trump declared a national emergency to build a border wall, twelve senate pubbies voted against him. Racket Republicans and democrats shamelessly invoked the Constitution, the one that many democrats think can remove a President upon impeachment alone.

Where was Racket support for Nicholas Sandmann, a young teenager whose social justice crime was wearing a MAGA ballcap? Calling out the fake news assaults (which is going to cost NBC, WaPo and others tens of millions of $. Heh, heh.) on this kid was politically perilous? Really?

Hardly a week ago when the President and Melania were on their way to honor D-Day, GOP Senators undermined his efforts to pressure Mexico to stop the third world invasion. They just won’t support this President. And they don’t even have the class to oppose him privately; they squawk publicly at pressers or on the Sunday yik-yak shows.

Normalizing rinos. A rino group, “Republicans for the Rule of Law” this past week urged GOP members of Congress to take seriously allegations of obstruction of justice made against the President. Rather than demand the heads of coup leaders Obama, Lynch, Rice, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, etc., the Racket Republicans prefer to eat their own.

Lawfare. What about the enormous stress and expense Robert Mueller and his rabid democrat lawyers inflicted on hundreds of people associated with President Trump? A casual observer might warn that it’s wise to keep an arm’s length away from Trump. How can the President man the executive branch? Where the pubbie outrage?

Make Laventy Beria proud. For the crime of leading Trump’s campaign to victory over cuddly Hillary Clinton, deranged democrats expect wheelchair-bound Paul Manafort to die in solitary confinement at Rikers Island. Who’s next?

Democrats regard the felonies, diseases, drug overdoses, murders, and strain of public services attributable to illegal immigration as acceptable collateral damage in exchange for votes. Racket Republicans apparently do too.

The GOP held both Congress and the Presidency several times these past forty years. It had every opportunity to ban ballot harvesting and other corrupt election practices. Instead, it joined the anarcho-democrats and helped pass the Cloward-Piven Motor-Voter Act of 1993.

In time for 2020, far Left social media and their radical buddies slowly strangle online conservative voices. They harass companies to remove advertising from conservative platforms and Fox News. As conservatives are kicked off YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, the Racketeer Republicans do nothing. Experience shows a GOP too flaccid to protect itself will not defend the nation.

In a recent column at the GatewayPundit, Jim Hoft wrote, “It is clear the Republican Party is AWOL. They are like a shell company. Just a name and nothing else. Maybe it’s time to think about a new movement? Maybe it’s time to Brexit the GOP? When people continue to show you who they are, believe them.”

Unlike other political observers, he didn’t call for another party. Adding another to the ten or so conservative oriented second and third parties is silly. The answer isn’t another standing institution; experience shows the Left will, in time, corrupt it just as it has every other organization it infiltrates.

The time is long past to flank the democrats and Racket Republicans with a temporary body that, like the Electoral College, is largely immune from the Leftist corruption. The answer to Jim Hoft is “yes, it is time to Brexit the GOP” and do it through an Article V COS.

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