Publius Huldah vs. Article V: Part IV

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Ms. Publius Huldah

Subtitle: Conspiracy Everywhere.

Publius Huldah, “If we have a convention now, George Washington, James Madison, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton won ‘t be there to protect you.” (Timeline: 24:00-30:20. View her speech.)

Rodney Dodsworth Response. These leading soldiers, patriots, statesmen and others of equal caliber led the Continental Army and served in the Confederation Congress and state governments. Yet, such men, the best of their times, were unable to keep, per Article II of the Articles of Confederation (AC), “security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare.”

The failure of the AC to achieve its ends, despite the enormous talents of our founding generation, is proof that sending virtuous men and women to inadequate or corrupted institutions with the expectation of good and free government, is a fool’s errand.

Publius Huldah: “You won’t find out who the delegates will be, and you won’t find out before it’s too late.” In another shocker, she says, “They will have a power to impose a third constitution.” There will be a new mode of ratification for the third Constitution.

The consent of all the states was necessary to amend the AC. Only nine, determined by the federal convention were needed to implement Constitution. Since the 1787 convention specified the number of states necessary to implement the new plan, so can an Article V convention. A new mode of ratification can be established for the third constitution, already prepared, and waiting for the convention!

This third constitution, “The Constitution of the New States of America”  is to be ratified by a national referendum called by the President. States are dissolved. It sets up a totalitarian dictatorship and everyone will be disarmed. The New States will answer to the new national government.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States also has a new constitution ready to go for the new socialist republic in North America.

The Constitution 2020 Movement is sponsored by George Soros, Eric Holder, Cass Sunstein, and Marxist law professors all over the country. All they need is a convention. Ask yourself if George Soros has enough money to buy delegates to get this done.

Do you know about the North American Union? In 2005, George W. Bush along with the presidents of Canada, Mexico planned to merge the three countries. Heidi Cruz was on a similar Council on Foreign Relations task force. The ruling global elites need a new constitution to transform us from a sovereign nation into a member state.

The push for an Article V convention is not grassroots; it is a top down push. The con-con lobby insists that state laws can control delegates. That is false. Delegates have sovereign immunity. They can do what they wish.

It is easy to circumvent faithful delegate laws. As in 1787, the next convention will be closed to the public. No idea of who voted for what. The states won’t know what is going on.

Since voting will be by secret ballot, it will be impossible for the states to prosecute delegates.

Rodney Dodsworth Response. Once again, Ms. Huldah misrepresents history to substantiate her conspiracy theories. On the last day of the federal convention, the eleven participating states resolved to send their draft constitution to congress for consideration. Their resolution asked:

  • Congress to forward the Constitution to the state legislatures.
  • State legislatures to conduct elections of delegates to ratifying conventions.
  • Each assenting state convention to notify congress of same.
  • Congress to fix the day in which to hold elections, when nine states ratify the Constitution.

Contrary to Ms. Huldah, the new Constitution was not imposed on an unwilling nation by the federal convention. The Confederation Congress was not obliged to cooperate, and could have tabled or outright rejected the document. Instead, congress participated in its own demise. Imagine that. Statesmen recognized the futility of continuing the AC. Neither were the states under duress to arrange elections for delegates to their ratifying conventions. The entire process, from the moment Alexander Hamilton issued a report from the Annapolis convention that requested attendance by the states in Philadelphia, to the establishment of the new government in 1789, all the proceedings were voluntary and in keeping with Natural Law. States that did not ratify the Constitution were free to remain outside the Union, as North Carolina and Rhode Island did for short periods.

No Soros, Communist, or New States of America tyranny can be formally established in America. However, what can happen is the imposition of world government by degrees. Without the assistance of Article V, we’ve witnessed what an aggressive globalist president, unopposed by an emasculated congress, can accomplish.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.

5 thoughts on “Publius Huldah vs. Article V: Part IV

  1. Robyn Campbell

    “Instead congress participated in its own demise. Imagine that. Statesmen recognized the futility of continuing the AC. ” Beautiful, Rodney! Your answers to Publius Huldah always make me smile. And I can imagine the look on her face. Haha. Please be a Re-Founder. That is perfect. COS should use that. And you speak the truth. Delegates do have sovereign immunity. This is what so many can’t wrap their minds around. Thanks, Rodney.

  2. cliff wilkin

    Another great post! I am more than rest assured in the 75 of 99 state house requirement to ratify any proposed amendment be it from COS or from congress written by the Founders in Article V. Inversely 13 state houses can block any proposal by simply doing nothing. Visit the convention of states website to get your state legislators involved. Fear is not a solution.

  3. Norman Bobo

    Joanna Scutari (her real name … which you should look up to find out about her background), says that the COS Project is “top down” and not grassroots. Malarkey. She should try to tell that to the over 20,000 grassroots people in her own state of Tennessee and the over 1 million grasroots people across the country. She is a real piece of work.

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