Sitting Out the November Congressional Election

Lest anyone jump to an erroneous conclusion, I’ll participate in the upcoming presidential election process and vote for Trump. Since Hillary is the sum of every corrupt quality, every character flaw that cannot be allowed in the Oval Office, nothing will keep me from supporting the opponent of this vile traitor.

As a registered Republican I receive regular emails from GOP candidates standing for election to Florida’s second congressional district. The candidates appear to be honest men and women of conservative bent who oppose all things Obama. Ditto for the eventual Republican senatorial nominee. Anyone who promises to do his best to rip out Obamunism by its roots has my attention. So, my concern isn’t with the person that the people of FL-2 might send to congress. My reluctance to vote in the congressional election is based on the corrupt institution they will join.

Whoever represents FL-2 and the many times larger district encompassing Florida in the senate will join institutions that no longer serve their constitutional purposes:

• Instead of exercising its limited legislative powers of Article I § 1, congress passes bills which set broad policy outlines for the executive branch to implement. I’ve come to despise the term, ‘as the secretary may direct’ as an open invitation for the permanent administrative state to impose social justice Utopia on a reluctant nation.

• Congress is so eager to assign lawmaking elsewhere, and thus avoid blame that could imperil the reelection of members, that it has created at least two agencies unaccountable to congress at all. The Obamacare death panel and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) are unconstitutional soviet-style politburos outside the reach of congress. When a death panel determines the life of your loved one isn’t worth the expense, don’t bother calling your congressman. The CFPB busies itself running non-politically correct businesses out of business.

• Little prevents Obama from rewriting statutes at will. Early in his first term, the occasional member of congress made notice of the president’s unconstitutional revisions. Today, Obama’s gross violations of law are common and hardly worth the attention of congress.

• Congress no longer holds executive branch appointees accountable. Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Eric Holder misled and lied to congress and suffered no consequences.

• The Constitution’s impeachment and trial clauses are there to deal with non-statutory crimes that can only be committed by those in high positions of trust. By the Framers’ design, every federal judge and executive branch elected or appointed official would carefully perform their duties out of concern they might be booted from office. For practical purposes, the threat of impeachment and trial for high crimes have been excised from the Constitution.

• What passes for the appropriations process these past seven years has been punted to the president.

• With rare exceptions the senate consents to the federal bench, lawyers hostile to the Constitution.

• Congressional Republican leadership attacks conservatives rather than oppose Obama.

As a retail consumer of politics my perception of the purpose of congress is nothing more than reelection of its members. Such is my disgust I have come to view voting in congressional elections as condoning the usurpation and overthrow of our beloved Constitution. As a citizen brought up from an early age on the wonders of our free-government system based on unalienable rights and enumerated powers, I find it too difficult to participate in a process that serves the opposite of its constitutional ends.

America has become an elective despotism that is only fed and strengthened by an electorate that does the same thing every even-year and expects different results. Free government is beyond the redemption of elections. Venezuela has elections too.

I encourage the reader to consider his duty as an American; do that which may possibly save our republic. We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.

22 thoughts on “Sitting Out the November Congressional Election

  1. Paul Adcock

    I agree about DC elections not changing anything. I cannot stomach Trump, though, and may sit that one out too by writing in Cruz. Neither Hillary nor Trump nor Johnson represent me. It would be surrendering my principles to vote for any of those three knowing where they stand (if I did it out of ignorance, as I had before for a Congress member, that’s another story.) And, as for Congress, I did vote for Mark Kirk naively in 2010 just because he had an R after his name but upon later learning of his pro-choice, pro-gay “marriage”, pro-Amnesty, etc positions, found I can’t support him this time around. Adam Kinzinger, I MIGHT have, by holding my nose, been able to support, but then he went and tried to fund Obama’s transgender edict, so he’s out too as far as I’m concerned.

    However, state and local elections matter greatly. You should definitely vote in those. Our only hope is to take back our country from the bottom up and take back DC via Article V.

    1. Rodney Dodsworth Post author

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

      Congressional elections have become little more than courtesies, whose purpose is to deceive us into thinking we have a say in the laws.

      Yes, I will certainly vote in local and statewide races.

  2. Cheryl Simms

    Living in Maryland, I have found you can not unseat an encumbent!! Steny Hoyer, Barbara Mikulski at the National level. However, the State House is the same!! While so many people over the years have tried to unseat Tommy Miller, Chief Dog of the State House, nobody can unseat him. Remember, Maryland was the state that passed the Rain Tax and was working on the Flush Tax. This just goes to show you how far a Democrat House will go to extremes to dip farther and farther into taxpayer pockets. Governor Hogan put a plan before them to make the retirements and 401Ks of Federal employees and military tax free for State income tax purposes because people are leaving the state in droves. Of course, the Democratic House Legislature turned the proposal down!! Maryland politics are so corrupt and has been so for many years, at least since Agnew was Governor. Maryland will NEVER agree to Article V.

    1. JC

      Don’t be so sure Cheryl. Do not be afraid to speak out. The Founders intended for the preservation of liberty through an informed citizenry. This is a dinner table revolution, not yet one fought with guns. Teach your children, politely inform liberal friends and relatives. Even Maryland can be changed if you fight the lies with truth.

  3. Gary Rosenbaum

    Article V is our last hope… here are some other things we can do:

    Comments from The Third Revelation by Tom Deweese:
    It is also vital to understand that we will not win victory over night with one phone call,
    one petition or one demonstration. Further, the Second American Revolution didn’t
    destroy our freedom in one election cycle. It has taken decades. And we won’t over
    turn it this coming November in one election. But we can start now in every city in
    every local race. Work for and demand the election of candidates that will represent
    you and defend the Principles of Freedom.

    Above all, don’t just wait for elections. Show up in their lairs where they slink in the
    back rooms making their plans for your future. Put a bright spot light on their actions
    and call them out, over and over again. Never accept the excuse that it’s gone too
    far and so there is nothing we can do. That assures defeat.

    That is what lays ahead for us now. We must learn, organize and rededicate
    ourselves to one goal — victory through a Third American Revolution lead by
    dedicated, demanding, freedom loving Americans single-minded in one goal – to
    restore our Republic.

    As Henry David Thoreau once said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches
    of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Now we know who the enemy is. It’s time we
    strike at the root of this evil revolution and stop its destruction of our Freedom.

    Visit here to learn more, sign the petition, and volunteer:

  4. Jeff

    The time has come when voting for the right people will not be enough to bring about the change needed in Washington. The founders wisely left this option for states to call a convention if the government became too oppressive. The author of this article does a good job outlining many of the abuses of the federal government. The Convention of States is a legal, peaceful way to restore power to the states and to the people. Join our cause!

  5. Conservative Patriot

    I agree that elections seem to matter very little any more and in light of that, I think it is high time to make a change for the better. As someone recently said “Never Trump? Never Hillary? Never mind, we have another option.” That option is to call an Article V convention to propose amendments to the constitution that will reign in the government no matter who gets elected now or in the future. Term limits would erase the damage of too much power in one or two seats of Congress and allow for a free and fresh flow of new ideas instead of the same old thing and the danger of tyranny from career politicians that have their own agenda rather than the agenda of the people. Removing the ability to interfere in the business of the individual states would keep money in the states to do what is needed rather than sending it DC & paying salaries of dozens of people who we then have to beg to get some of the money back when it all could have been spent in the state with a mandate to spend even more to a little back. And the ability of states with a 2/3 or 3/5 majority to overturn Congressional law, SC decisions or exec orders that are wrong and not listed as a responsibility of the federal govt in the first place are essential in the fight to keep govt small and enumerated and stunt its growth. Since the founders knew this time would come and gave a safe, legal way to put govt back in its cage without bloodshed it is our moral responsibility to use that tool for its intended purpose. It is our right to tell the govt where its boundaries are and to return to self governance. I encourage you to read about this @ The petition to your state legislature is at

  6. cliff wilkin

    Nice job Rod.
    Results of a calling for a convention of states = Bill of Rights (1789)
    Results of not calling for a convention of states = Civil War (1861) The Founders unanimously provided Article V option for the states to balance the federal government’s overreach. More than 400 such state applications have been filed over the years including the first couple that led to the bill of rights. As with all amendments to the constitution 38 states (both houses) are required for ratification. This is an enormously protective requirement that has only been reached 27 or so times. The COS Project application has already been passed by 8 states and 20 or more state houses. This application is limited to 3 areas: (a) Impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government. (b) Limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government. (c) Limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress. Please sign E-Petition. Takes less than 20 seconds. This will encourage your local state rep to become more involved in States’ rights.

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  7. Robyn Campbell

    I think that a no vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary. I was a Cruz voter. Now I’ll have to vote Trump or risk Hillary tearing our country to shreds. And what’s more, we cannot put our faith in a mere human. It’ time for a COS. Let’s do it. A Convention of States is the most important thing that we can do for our country. Massive debt and government overreach have made our nation a shell of its former self. We as citizens have been stripped of our liberties, and we’ve lost our power to Washington. Take back what belongs to YOU and your state. Sign the petition at and sign up to volunteer at

  8. C.A. Hall

    The article is well written and could apply to every Congressional district in the union. People can butt heads screaming about party unity and the like, but, the solution is the Article V Convention of States. 1) Proposed amendments ultimately go to the people for a 3/4 vote of states needed to ratify. 2) The COS sends a strong message to those politicians that have forgotten their responsibility to their constituants and screams, ” If you can not run the government by the Constitution, we will do it for you.”

    1. Rodney Dodsworth Post author

      “If you can not run the government by the Constitution, we will do it for you.”

      Exactly! We the Sovereign People have the right and duty to define the limits of our government.

  9. James Rogers

    Great piece Rod! So concerned am I that I wrote an entire book related to this issue, “UnAmerican, The Resident’s Story and Our Country’s Last Chapter,” where I realized we are witness to a Mass Movement, as described by Eric Hoffer. We can wonder why the branches of our government have effectively abdicated their constitutional responsibilities, or we can realize it is a fait accompli. We should ask ourselves why we are oblivious to the question as to whether our once great country is about to meet its end. Do we just believe this great experiment will always be? Ask yourself why an administration so hell-bent on radical change is laying siege to any and all American traditions at the end of the term. These assaults, thought to be far too outrageous to occur just years ago, seem now commonplace. Wouldn’t the sane man assume the incoming administration would just flip these UnAmerican efforts around on January 21st? Or could it be they see a future we are not willing to see…yet? The rise of cooperative state efforts could be a sign that enough Americans do see the wasteland in our near future, and are attempting to wrest control back closer to the people. The gauntlet ahead for any effort is long and laborious, but it is our last, best hope. I personally support the Constitution of States Project. We must realize the solution won’t come from Washington. It is irrational to expect those who hold power to just relinquish it. We have but one mechanism remaining, and it’s the Article V Convention of States. Our government is but a shadow of its former righteousness defined in the Constitution and at the same time developed into the leviathan our founders had feared. The time is now, as it appears the end of our path nears. Research, educate, donate, volunteer…it’s your country, at least for a little while longer:

  10. Clayton Bink

    I am in favor of the Article V Convention of States Project. Here is why it will work, and why it is safe. One of the few proposed amendments is for term limits. This alone puts We-the-People back in the driver’s seat. It also sends the message that, what we accomplish once we can do again. This is an exercise in citizenship. The big government people have been active at it for quite some time. Now it is time for the limited government people to step up and use social media to exert our authority.
    As to why it is safe; the Founders were brilliant when they inserted Article V. It requires a supermajority to propose and ratify new amendments. It only takes half of the legislatures in 13 states to deny ratification. We, limited government folks have enough influence, in enough states to stop any pro government amendments from passing. This is a long game strategy. It is also the only way that we can reign in these out of control faceless bureaucrats. We can put enough pressure on our State legislatures to get this done! If not me, who? If not now, when?
    Check it out here: http://www.conventionofstates….
    #LibertyFirst #ConventionOfStates #GetInvolved
    sign up to volunteer here:

  11. Don Sutton

    “The national debt—that is, the unfunded liabilities and fiscal operating debt—amounts to tens of trillions of dollars. The Government Accountability Office, the Congressional Budget Office, and numerous other public and private institutions have sounded warning alarms about the oncoming crash. But no serious or effective steps have been taken to address this simmering financial and economic implosion.”
    ― Mark R. Levin, Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future

    “CAN WE SIMULTANEOUSLY LOVE our children but betray their generation and generations yet born?”
    ― Mark R. Levin, Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future

    “To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last – but eat you he will”

    Ronald Reagan

    Wait for the Tyrannical Federal Government to devour the Civil Society or join us.

    1. Rodney Dodsworth Post author

      I didn’t realize the absolute importance of civil society to republican government until reading Levin’s works. Now, it seems so obvious, I’m almost ashamed to admit it!

      The Left knows exactly what it is doing. To destroy free government, destroy American society. Very simple.

  12. Harold McClure

    Although I am not sure if it’s not already to late for our Country with all the freeloaders that have found out they can live off the dole and do nothing that has not stopped me from trying to force a change. I will fight till my last breath and never give up the fight.

    Part of that is to defend the Constitution and one of the best way to do that is by doing my best to vote for the best person that I feel will do the same.

  13. K D McEver

    Excellent summary of non-Constitutional acts by Congress.

    The only way to get better Candidates &/or election results shown by proper Congressional action is to Restore our Constitution by an ArticleV Convention of States.

  14. Jarchca

    Well said! I am an independent, and abandoned the “party-first” mentality of the R’s and D’s a while ago. Each party is only interested in its own power and getting its party members re-elected. We need a Convention of States by AMERICANS interested in saving our country from itself. Our federal government long ago lost its appetite for following its charter as mandated by our constitution, and we are sliding toward tyranny, socialism, and political correctness. I want none of it. The Convention of States was provided by our thoughtful founders, and it is time to use it in an Article V meeting to halt our slide away from freedom and liberty.

  15. Michael Millikan

    It is past time for the states to stand up and stop shirking their constitutional responsibilities and call for an Article V Convention of States. An Article V Convention of States is our best, and possibly last, opportunity to restore our constitution and take back our country from the power mad monstrosity that our run-away federal government has become. To learn more about Citizens for Self Governance and our Article V Convention of States Project visit our website ==>

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