Democrats, Democracy & Article V

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Democrats just love democracy. Who could possibly oppose democracy? Didn’t progressive icon Woodrow Wilson inform the nation that the purpose of the United States was to make the world safe for democracy? What reasonable person could be against all power to the people?

I am, and I am in good company. Our framing generation had enough experience with overly democratic state governments to figure out that majoritarian abuse of minorities was just as harmful and dangerous to freedom as the executive tyranny of George III. Benjamin Rush famously said that while the state constitutions of 1776-1780 barred the front door to executive tyranny, they left the back door wide open to democratic tyranny.

The Constitution of 1787 secured our unalienable rights through its limitation of the democratic impulse via vertical division of power between the new government and states, as well as horizontally among the three branches of the federal government. Equal participation of the people and states in congress translated into that which the world had not seen in millennia, a generally stable republic that respected the people’s lives, liberty and estates.

Modern Leftist tyranny rests on the foundation of a popularly elected congress. Once the states were booted from the senate, ALL national power was certain to eventually concentrate, as it has, in Washington, DC. With so much power so close at hand, it was only a matter of time before the rise of a demagogue with despotic ambition and enormous will. While FDR was the first, Obama puts FDR to shame.

Presidential and semi-annual congressional election seasons are entertaining, but the salvation of our nation is far beyond the reach of any election. The 17th Amendment guaranteed the rise of popular despotism. If what remains of our republic is to be saved, the 17th must go. Since congress will never call an Article V convention to check its power, it is up to us, through our states, to assert our sovereignty and restore free government.

I am not aware of a democrat with national standing, nor of any of their media psychos who have gone public with a screed over the danger an Article V state amendments convention. Rest assured, once the growing Convention of States movement hits its stride, the Uniparty apparatus will kick into gear and demonize our efforts.

Federalism is anti-democratic and loathed by the Left. Just as the Left is working toward nationalizing presidential elections (National Popular Vote Movement) they will defend the 17th Amendment to the last. Any effort to restore federalism, the stability and freedom enhancing vertical division of power between the states and the federal government they created must be aborted, murdered before birth. Liberals are of course, adept with this procedure, and will pull out all the stops to kill any effort to restore the proven, free government vision of our Framers.

So, let’s think ahead and be prepared to counterattack the inevitable assault.

Their predictable first reaction will be to smear the reputations and character of Article V/Anti-17th Amendment supporters. Their foul-mouthed gutter attacks will make their jihads against Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, President Bush, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz appear rational. A sister effort will equate state sovereignty with slavery, Jim Crow and segregated public schools.

Second, once they decide to pull the trigger, congressional democrat leaders, and internet/TV media allies will explode simultaneously with bumper-sticker slogans in support of their precious democracy. Recall how the Occupy Wall Street “movement” both ignited and flamed out overnight. OWS and Black Lives Matter illustrate the incredible control Obama and his droids have to frontal assault our nation with their poison.

Third, and perhaps most insidious and difficult to counter will be backdoor bribes and threats to individual state legislators. Conservatives are well aware of the criminal capabilities of democrat thugs both in and out of government.

There is no substitute for individual initiative. Rants like the one you are reading are perhaps necessary, but certainly insufficient. State legislators will not stick their political necks out in support of Article V if all they hear is opposition. It is imperative they know they have an army of grassroots, and not astroturf, behind them. Stand athwart history, help restore the United States to a federal republic, to free government.

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