On Natural Law Deniers

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“I don’t accept the law of gravity.”

“Then I encourage you to jump, sir.”

Over the course of a weekend lunch with my wife, we pondered the goodness of craft beer, and soon wandered into the necessity of North Carolina’s bathroom law. We shook our heads at the idiocracy of Loretta Lynch’s opposition, and her disregard of Natural Law. I was warming up to say something about Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of God’s differential calculus when my wife came up with the advice above for Natural Law deniers.

Bring up Natural Law to friends, its importance to free government, and the response is often a dismissive eye roll as they attempt to change the subject. Even conservatives, those who KNOW Natural Law is essential to the great American experiment in free government, often display an uncomfortable body language.

Natural Law is at one and the same time a command of God, a rule of reason and a law in the very nature of things as they are, by which they work and we work too. Natural Law is the Law of Reason. For instance, marriage is naturally between a man and a woman. Various societies figured this out long ago. Rational people use their reason; when they do, they easily determine that teenage boys should be kept out of girls’ bathrooms. A nation that respects the Laws of Nature wouldn’t rely on its top lawyer, the Attorney General of the United States to set unnatural bathroom policy. But these high moral relativists cannot help themselves. Irrational people refuse reason, Natural Law.

Leftists cannot admit the existence of Natural Law. To fight on such unfriendly and hostile ground would admit subservience to God and His Laws. If they accepted Natural Law, there wouldn’t a be a welfare state nor even a Bernie Sanders candidacy. Whether the thief is an individual or government, theft is theft; no one man or multitude of men can give away the Natural Property Right of another.

America 2016 is in decline precisely because some of the nation and all of the national government disregards that which applies to all of us and all government at all times. God is the author of this law, its promulgator and its enforcing judge. What have been the consequences of widespread governmental denial of Natural Law; what have been the judgments of the enforcing judge?

• While the Framing generation recognized the contradiction between slavery and reason, a great war was necessary to remove the scourge.
• State sponsored murder, abortion, has denied to society some fifty-five million Americans.
• Do you support the welfare, redistributionist state? Visit Detroit or any prison. See the damage done to society through destruction of the family.
• Destructive executive branch environmental, energy, education, . . . . diktats deny our right to self-government. Administrative pronouncements have more in common with absolute monarchy than with American republicanism.
• Minimum wage laws damage the very people our Leftist masters purport to assist.
• Our borders are open to peoples hostile to American ideals due to the Leftist denial of evil.

So, we’ve come full circle to the very purpose of this Article V Blog, which is dedicated to the renewal of American Free Government. Free Government is that happy condition wherein government respects and protects the unalienable, Natural Rights of the nation, and makes no law without its consent. It is the system put into practice by our 1787 Constitution.

First principles are just that. The purpose of government isn’t to destroy the society that created it. No, its purpose is to nurture and promote civil society. I hope the reader has come to the conclusion that elections alone have proved incapable of keeping free government, and that fundamental change, a return to the Framers’ structure is our only hope to restore liberty.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder of the American Republic. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.

1 thought on “On Natural Law Deniers

  1. Kelsey Sylvia

    No one has advocated putting teenage boys in girls bathrooms or showers. that is blatantly false and Christians might reexamine how they are use lies to create fear and outrage towards a much maligned group. It stokes the kind of fear that endangers, the twelfth transperson this year was murdered yesterday. Intersexed and transgendered people have been with us from the very beginning, much longer than sex specific bathrooms ,and are very much part of natural law. imagine a trans man (google trans men) in the showers with your daughter just because female is on his birth certificate.

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