After President Trump

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If President Donald J. Trump (PDJT) keeps up with the winning, he’ll be the toughest presidential act to follow since George Washington. Like General Washington, PDJT didn’t come up through party ranks and didn’t owe anything to anyone when he took the oath of office. Being without political baggage and with incredible wealth before assuming office freaks out the Swamp PDJT promised to drain. Who today could possibly step up and replace him in a few years? I’m not saying such a man or woman doesn’t exist. Maybe one or more are out there. If there is, and considering the rabid media, perhaps it’s best we don’t know who it is six years out from 2024.

Of one thing I am sure: the Trump Base and therefore the nation will not accept a John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, or Mitt Romney establishment sort of candidate. We are over it. After decades of Lucy Republicans pulling the football, no bet-hedging professional politician will have a chance. We Won’t be Fooled Again.

What if another PDJT isn’t ready to go in 2024? The good, decent, and noble George H.W. Bush was an establishment man incapable of continuing the Reagan Revolution. By 1992 President Bush was worn out after a lifetime of honorable service to his nation since WWII. He didn’t want the presidency. A nobody governor with an insufferable wife were happy to take it.

Beyond the economic revivals sparked by Presidents Reagan and Trump, both revived the patriot’s pride in America. It was, and is, okay to hold one’s hand over one’s heart and sing the national anthem in public and tell morose Leftists who take a knee to shove it.

Perhaps Vice-President Pence in 2024, as opposed to President Bush 41, will have learned from his predecessor and be willing and capable of extending the winning. He will no doubt campaign like Vice-President Bush in 1988 . . . . on his predecessor’s record.

But, has PDJT set the bar too high? No. He is the standard to which future presidential candidates should aspire. PDJT rediscovered that looking out for America at home and abroad is not only okay but also conducive to electoral victory. Enormous good is certain when personal and societal interests coincide in a talented and driven man. After eight years of despotic rule by a global citizen, PDJT simply reestablished the character traits expected in the Framers’ President.

Another certainty in 2024 is further assault on all that is good by the once patriotic democrat party. Hopefully, they’ll try to sell what flopped in 2016: a stable of fossilized Progressives. Pray for the continued health of Hillary, Lizzie, and Crazy Bernie. Instead of moonbat candidates, the greater 2020 and 2024 danger might be from the entrenched Deep State. Who knows the outcome if congress can’t find the moxie to deal with Obama’s attempted 2016 coup on behalf of Hillary?

The prudent approach is to strengthen free government before PDJT departs. Make his changes as permanent as possible. Bind the next President with the chains of the Constitution so that if an Obama clone attempts another “fundamental transformation,” he will be as frustrated as the democrat media on November 8th 2016. Wasn’t that wonderful? Long after I trade the pickup truck for a turbo-wheelchair in a nursing home, I intend to regularly entertain my fellow inmates with YouTubers of Rachel Maddow going nuts on that glorious night. But I digress.

With the notable exception of his horrid and unconstitutional Obamacare, the bulk of Obama’s accomplishments were executive agreements backed up with nothing more than his word. TPP, the Paris Climate Accords, and his felonious Iran “deal” all fell in rapid sucession. Were it not for unconstitutional interference by federal district court judges, PDJT would have ended muslim immigration, trannies in the military and Obama’s illegal DACA.

Yes, I am well aware of the high percentage of Never Trumpers in the GOP caucus. They make their presence known every day they do not stand up in defense of the President and press for open borders. They are necessary knuckleheads. While I regard them as expendable janissaries and dead-loads useful for little beyond fodder, they are essential to keep a non-democrat congressional majority while PDJT does the heavy lifting. On the other hand, considering the recent primary defeats of GOP Never Trumpers, the remainder might get smart before the mid-terms and jump aboard the Trump Train before it runs over more members. If the GOP retains Congress, PDJT just might pull of a transformation, not an evil Obama transformation of the US, but a necessary and good restoration the US Senate.

Hopefully, the brilliant political chess player, PDJT, will raise all sail when the wind is at his back in 2021 and call for an Article V Convention of the States to repeal the 17th Amendment. Explain to the American people that only a Senate of the States can stand against the next charming demagogic President that is sure to return and attempt to undo all of his accomplishments.