A Dictator to Defeat Islam – Part II

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Subtitle: End the Poofter War.

What follows isn’t intended to promote a temporary, unconstitutional dictator over the United States. Since we are 230 years or so too late to seriously consider an office which well-served Republican Rome for some 450 years, this squib is simply a thought experiment in free government. The American Constitution doesn’t allow for the collapse of enormous, unconstitutional power into the hands of one, or a few people. Or does it?

The aims of Poofter Wars are ill-defined or non-existent; without goals, there is no practical end to Poofter War. The first purpose of any government is common defense. Prevent physical harm to its citizens, property, and infrastructure from forces outside its borders. We the People charged our government with another duty, to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

To secure liberty, we should have every expectation that our servants in government will promote the tenets of our Declaration of Independence and its foundation, Christianity. No republican government can rightly import aliens whose purpose is the destruction of representative government and enslavement of its people. If Muslim importation is left unopposed, we need only look at recent events in Europe to understand America’s fate. Europe ignores its history of brave Christian warriors and Popes who turned back Muslim hordes several times over the past 1,400 years. After decades of teaching its young that no culture is any better than another, the moral relativism of Europe’s leaders invites Muslim conquest and the subjugation of Europe to a new caliphate.

There are two fronts to America’s Poofter War, one outside our borders and one within.

Outside our Borders. I’ve been a current events news junkie since adolescence, and intensely followed the Vietnam War and Gulf Wars I & II as best I could from the available media. Today, I admit I am largely clueless on what the US spends its treasure and lives of young military men and women. We are engaged everywhere, yet after sixteen years, we have little to show for it.

What is the purpose of our overseas operations? We don’t know because congressmen and senators are too busy keeping their seats and scoring cheap political points to do their duty to identify our blood enemies, declare war on them, and defeat them as quickly as possible.

The contingency operations conducted under President Obama, and now President Trump, are not authorized by a very busy but rudderless congress. Congress passed two laws, some sixteen and fifteen years ago which are the inadequate constitutional foundations of current operations.

• September 14th, 2001 Congressional AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES (AUMF). (a) IN GENERAL. – That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.

• The second AUMF of October 2002, authorized the President to defend the US from Iraq, and enforce UN Security Council resolutions.

Neither AUMF law applies to the fight against Libya, ISIS or Syria or anywhere else in 2017. To this extent, when Presidents make unauthorized war on nations, they usurp powers granted to congress and congress alone. What is the end, the purpose of President Trump’s overseas military machine? I’m not saying he doesn’t have a purpose, but if he does, it hasn’t been passed on to a weary nation.

Since its objectives are ill-defined, Poofter Wars are not meant to be won.

The War Within. What war within? The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a lower court decision that overturned President Trump’s travel ban from certain Muslim countries. Members of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and various other enemy groups have full access to not only Constitutional protections but employment in high levels of government.

I assert that Islam is first and last a barbaric political and social system cloaked in the drag of religion. Since the duty of every Muslim is to wage jihad on unbelievers, no devout Muslim can be a patriotic American dedicated to our Christian-based traditions.

The legacy of 911 isn’t the neutralizing of Islam in America, it is the Dept. of Homeland Security. While TSA agents can strip search your crippled grandmother without 4th Amendment justification, Homeland Security admits unknown numbers of foreign jihadis. It leaves mosques alone, but spies on US citizens. The two AUMFs were cited by the Justice Department as authority for engaging in electronic surveillance in ACLU v. NSA without obtaining a warrant of the special FISA Court as required by the Constitution.

Rather than pretend the US government comports with the Constitution while it protects the nation from conquest, why not admit the obvious? Our government commits wholesale violations of natural and constitutional law by statute and by precedent, yet after sixteen years, Islam is still winning!

How should republics go about defending themselves without damaging their republican foundations, of defending themselves while keeping laws consistent with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and with the consent of the governed? Would a formal dictator charged with defeating bloody Islam in the US, be less effective than the half measures exerted by directionless Presidents like Obama and a judiciary more concerned with social justice than national survival?

As related in Part I, dictators are necessary to not only save the nation from foreign conquest, the properly commissioned dictator protects the institutions of free government.

Dictators do not make laws, and are not slowed down by deliberative give-and-take in congress or progressive judges. Dictators issue orders that cannot be overruled by any court. Despite being appointed by the President, the dictator of the Roman model would be responsible to congress, which may remove him at any time. Once the enemy is defeated or six months have passed, whichever first occurs, the dictator steps down or is appointed to another short term. Once the war is over, as determined by congress, the dictator’s diktats expire. Since the dictator’s commands were not statutes, there is no hangover on the law after the war. Dictators leave no stamp on the law or executive branch precedent.

It is far more dangerous to grant through neglect, the open-ended, fuzzy, ill-defined, and despotic powers allowed to an Article II President, and Article III courts, than to grant temporary authority to men specifically charged to defeat the enemy in as short a time as possible.

During the last war we could not afford to lose, America did what was required to win. Among the congressional/presidential actions during WWII, the following means were justified by their ends, the conquest of Germany and Japan.

• Internment of 100,000 Americans of Japanese descent.
• Carpet bombing of enemy cities.
• Military draft.
• A War Production Board charged with harnessing all industry toward the war effort.
• Income tax withholding.
• The War Labor Disputes Act authorized the federal government to seize and operate industries threatened by or under strikes that would interfere with war production.
• Troops used or threatened to deal with labor strikes.

Save perhaps income tax withholding, none of the above are consistent with republican government and should never be undertaken by Presidents or be condoned by Scotus. We still live with income tax withholding, draft laws, and while the administrative state wasn’t birthed in WWII, it got a big boost of acceptability in the minds of most Americans. By 1945, we had gotten used to governmental meddling in private enterprise.

Just as congress cannot ask for, and the President cannot appoint, a dictator, neither will congress declare war on domestic Islam. As in WWII, anti-First Amendment measures are necessary to our survival. Root out Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood from our government and society. Close CAIR, and all mosques. Send the foreigners home. No Koranic instruction in any, public or private, school.

Absent a dictator, even if congress suddenly did its duty to identify our enemies and declare war on them, our progressive courts will not stand for proper prosecution of a real war on Islam. The politically correct Poofter War will go on as Americans look about and find people not only unwilling to assimilate, but openly seek the destruction of our society and nation. Like the situation in Europe, and despite our written Constitution, a government charged by We the People to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity” has doomed the people to enslavement under Islam.