The Constitutional Crisis at Hand Part II

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President Donald J. Trump

Subtitle: The Establishment Strikes Back.

“I like thinking big. I always have. To me it’s very simple: If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.”— Donald J. Trump

Among the accusations directed at President Trump (DJT), I don’t recall anyone calling him stupid. Beginning with Ronald Reagan, the drive by media regarded every Republican president as intellectually weak, and too dim to lead our nation.

Not so with DJT. Perhaps his opponents know it is an easily dismissed charge, and to go there would only embarrass themselves. A man who took a small, inherited fortune, and over the course of a lifetime turned it into a very large fortune, is not only not dim, but represents the epitome of the American Dream. His first of over fifteen books, The Art of the Deal, debuted in 1987 and is still an Amazon best-seller. One reviewer wrote, “The Art of the Deal is an unguarded look at the mind of a brilliant entrepreneur.” DJT is a perfectionist who demands the best of himself and accepts nothing less in his employees. His is a life-long executive who not only gets things done, he gets BIG things done.

DJT did not work his way up the party ranks. As Rush reminded us last weekend on Fox News Sunday, the media didn’t make him; they cannot destroy him. The media wasn’t alone; every major institution, including the GOP hierarchy, opposed DJT. He is beholden to no one . . . except the American people, and this is what frightens The Establishment, the untold millions who make their living off government and are quite comfortable with the status quo. A subset of The Establishment is the Administrative State. The Administrative State is less a collection of agencies, but rather dozens of living, breathing organisms that will fight to death for their survival. Their treatment of Betsy DeVos is only the beginning.

Another subset of The Establishment is the federal judiciary. By and large, it assisted Obama’s quest toward social justice at the expense of the people, the states and Constitution. To make Obamacare work, it turned penalty into a tax, and decreed government may force consumers to purchase privately provided products.

Nothing better illustrates the battle than the standoff between President Trump and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. On one side is a man driven to Make America Great Again, and on the other is an equally driven court dedicated to progressive social justice.

Keeping barbarians out of our fair republic constitutes partial reversal of the fundamental transformation of the United States of America. The court has a proven record of willingness to exercise extra-constitutional means to achieve their destructive progressive ends. What of the President? He is constitutionally, and by nature, and statute, entrusted with using his judgement to prevent the entry of dangerous people. Should the President stand by and accept the usurpation of his Article II responsibility? If he does, what is next? Won’t other courts be emboldened to do the same? To fold in the face of judicial tyranny is to encourage much more of it.

I believe this issue is the proper terrain on which to fight an out of control judiciary. While I make no prediction, my hope is that DJT forces a Constitutional crisis. He is the man to do it. Let’s have it out. Let the democrats pull their hair and screech for impeachment. It won’t happen. The good guys, the American people, will win this battle.

We are the many. Our oppressors are the few. Stand tall. Reclaim our republic. Join Convention of States!