The Constitution Annotated

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The Constitution Annotated

Subtitle: Just Enforce the Constitution We Have.

Article V opponents often ask, “Why amend a Constitution that’s ignored?” The easy retort is, “If amendments make no difference, then an Article V COS can do no harm.”

But, the easy retort doesn’t answer the question. First, COS opponents must accept the existence of two Constitutions. While the one we all wish to defend is a short document, only 7,000 words, the de facto constitution, as amended by scotus is some 3,000 pages long. This is the living and breathing playground for social justice judges described in The Constitution Annotated.

With this resource, which I am just getting into, anyone can research the scotus butchery of our Constitution. The Table of Contents begins with links to Articles I – VI, and is followed by a topic index. There are also sections on Cases Argued Before the Supreme Court, Acts of Congress Held Unconstitutional, State Laws Held Unconstitutional, and a list of Supreme Court Cases Overruled.

To progressives who claim every Scotus opinion they like is “settled law,” we’ll find that the court reversed itself 236 times. That’s about one per year since 1789. Like individuals, institutions are reluctant to admit errors. When decisions are so awful that subsequent courts prefer embarrassment rather than stare decisis, it follows that there are probably many other opinions worthy of repeal as well. The Constitution Annotated is an invaluable scholarly tool for understanding what scotus has done to the law of land.

Now, getting back to the opening question as to the futility of Constitutional amendments, I assert the scotus is primarily responsible for the corruption of society and our Constitution. Since scotus is, for practical purposes, beyond the reach of congress, we can send good men and women to Washington into eternity, and it will make no difference.  To reverse the rot, the civil society, through Article V, must reverse dozens of scotus opinions.

Among the pillars of the progressive monolith are unconstitutional decisions involving intrastate commerce, one-man-one-vote, delegation of legislative power, prayer in public institutions, and abortion. Pull these, and watch the structure come crashing down. Properly designed amendments aren’t futile; they are essential to reestablishing the free government design of our Framers. Knowledge is power; check out The Constitution Annotated.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.