Dealing With Constitutional Change

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If we pause for a moment and consider the grand, historic sweep of governing forms in England and America, the conclusion must be that action is needed now to save what precious little remains of free government.

Freedom for our English ancestors waxed and waned in cycles as the Roman empire, Saxon kings, Vikings, William of Normandy, Magna Charta, the rise of Parliament, religious wars came and went. By the mid-18th century, no people on earth were more prosperous than the American colonists of King George III, yet our forebears revolted when they viewed the approach of hard tyranny. Having achieved freedom, and through fits and starts beginning with a loose confederation, then a stronger governing Constitution in 1787, then a civil war, and up to the rise of the progressive era in the early 1900s, American freedom and prosperity flourished like never before for any people in history.

Consider where we might be today if good men had done nothing during the nadirs of freedom these past two thousand years. This is so certain, that what we came to enjoy beyond the misery in which our distant ancestors lived, is due only to the natural right of correcting what was awry in past practices of government.

We all make mistakes in our personal lives; reason demands that we recognize and correct them. In contrast, why do so many continue in the idolatry of our corrupted governing form? Any institution, no matter how old, must be amended if it thwarts or does not provide for the purpose of its establishment. Such are the imperfections of all human Constitutions; they are subject to continual pressures which never permits them to continue long in the same condition, as evidenced by the horrid corruptions that slid into our government after the 16th and 17th Amendments. Those who blindly lend support to institutions that have been turned from their noble purposes follow the worst examples of history.

Evil progressivism, which began slowly enough, picked up speed in the 1960s. Today, it is accelerating at an almost unfathomable rate. The historic cycle of freedom is at low ebb, and without corrective action on the part of the sovereign American people, there is no reason to hope that it shall be reclaimed.

While the Constitution of 1787 was the best governing framework ever struck off by the hand of man, it is up to the best and wisest among us to offer amendments that add perfection to a Constitution that was well invented, but no longer serves its intended purpose.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States.

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