A Convention of States. Now.

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The American republic is on its knees. No methodical and orderly process like that in Article V can keep up with the pace of unconstitutional executive branch and scotus derived amendments to the Constitution. What is to be done? Apply for a Convention of States for one purpose? Events are moving far too fast to be limited by artificial bounds imposed on Article V that serve to delay a state convention. While Washington disregards the supreme law of the land, we are expected to follow it to the letter. How many decades must go by before the sovereign people respond to the never ending outrages?

I take my inspiration in part from Algernon Sidney: “When men are assembled by a human power, that power that does assemble them may also limit the manner of the execution of that power. But of assemblies that take their authority from the Law of Nature, no inferior power can alter, limit or diminish them.” No earthly power can deny the Sovereign People their right and DUTY to secure the blessings of liberty.

When congress, the president, or scotus act, they do so by powers delegated to them by their principals, We The Sovereign People. They are our agents. We are the principals, their masters.

When delegates of the Sovereign People meet in convention, they take their authority from, and are only limited by, the Law of Nature. In convention, they operate above government and the Constitution itself. As agents, the congress, president, scotus cannot limit the actions of their principals, We the Sovereign People meeting in convention.

Given this principal/agent relationship, Article V cannot be construed to limit the God-given Natural Right of society to amend its governing forms. Like the Second Amendment, Article V grants nothing. If Article V didn’t exist, we would still have a societal right independent of the government we created to meet in convention. Article V merely recognizes the inherent right of all societies to set the rules of their governing system. It sets out one orderly procedure to assemble delegates of the Sovereign People. It does not preclude a convention without the blessing of a corrupted congress. A state convention to propose amendments is not a gift from congress, but the expression of the Sovereign People to reestablish free government.

Time is short.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States.

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