The Overthrow of Reason

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Our Declaration of Independence was not only illegal, it was an act of treason. Like today, most men in 1776 worldwide equated that which is legal with justice. Who could argue against the idea that justice is joined with statutory law?

Equate the legal with the just, and the law can be whatever presidents for life, oligarchs, or a majority say it is. Mankind can be fragmented into a welter of nations, each with its own morality. Might makes right. Justice is rendered relative among the nations of the world. Since there is no single standard of justice, all standards are equally dignified.

In his Closing of the American Mind, Humanities Professor Allan Bloom wrote thirty years ago that almost all of his students said they believed the truth was relative. No matter their backgrounds, they were unified in their relativism and subsequent allegiance to equality. This explains why modern Leftists are so enamored with “democracy,” with a majoritarianism expressed across our country under a single government that would work far better were it not for those pesky states.

Adherence to relativism and subsequent democratic equality precludes the use of one’s judgment, of one’s reason. From the relativist’s train of thought it is but a short intellectual walk to legal horrors like concentration camps, gulags, and killing fields. All of the 20th century terrors which murdered many tens of millions were established by statutes and were thus perfectly legal. To the relativist, they were also just.

Some intermediate steps to the Left’s logical endpoint in America can be heard when CA governor Jerry Brown recently criticized the $15/hour minimum wage bill he was about to sign. He ‘reasoned’ that while it would cost jobs, increase unemployment statewide, and swell the welfare rolls, it was still the moral thing to do! See, a majority of the CA legislature passed it. It is therefore legal and just.

Obamacare is a scourge to a once free people, yet because it was likewise passed by a majority of congress, it is regarded as not only legal, but also just. Ask the scotus.

Don’t like the Mexican and Muslim invasions? Who are you to judge these people as less than equal to Americans?

The relativistic Left denies reason. In denying reason it rejects our Declaration and the moral underpinnings of our Revolution. Yes, our revolution was illegal and treasonous, but because it comported with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, it was just!

As Paul Eidelberg wrote, “Let one generation after another be taught, in opposition to the Declaration, that reason is incapable of discovering universal truth or standards by which to determine whether one form of government is intrinsically superior to another, and the will and determination of that people to persevere in any cause involving death and destruction will be undermined.”

We see effects of the overthrow of reason all around. This overthrow will not end with Obama’s Mexican and Muslim invasions, homosexual marriage or gender-neutral bathrooms. The Left is never satiated.

What to do?

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder of the American Republic. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.


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