Inmates of The Two-Party Prison

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If memory serves, I recall an entertaining essay or chapter from perhaps a Stephen Hawking book from a couple of decades ago. Being designed for the mathematically challenged, it sought to introduce his thoughts on the nature of the universe without intimidating the reader. The essay involved a thought experiment where people lived in two dimensions. A people with no height navigated in an X-Y coordinate system-on-a-sheet-of-paper sort of world. It was all they knew. Hawking wondered of the people’s reaction if a third dimension, the Z, was introduced. In any event, he was certain that a surprised people would take advantage of this additional dimension of freedom.

To his three-dimensional reader, he then introduced a fourth dimension: time. I don’t remember exactly what followed, but I enjoyed his metaphor.

At this point, allow me to shift from the cosmological to the polemical. My earthly take from Hawking’s thought exercise is that men and nations are often bound by self-imposed limits. While they obviously don’t know what they don’t know, and are often more or less comfortable with their situations, they can be expected to use and enjoy discoveries.

Some discoveries unfortunately fade from view. Through disuse or suppression, many disappear from common knowledge and have to be rediscovered. Renaissance sculptors, painters, architects, and philosophers famously restored much of what had been forgotten over the previous thousand years.

America 2016 is in a similar pre-Renaissance condition. Through disuse, and lots of suppression, the founding truths of our nation are largely absent from societal consciousness. What is perhaps worse are minds stuck in Hawking’s equivalent of a two-dimensional people. By this, I mean the minds mired within the two, yet nearly indistinct, political parties. In this rut, otherwise intelligent people profess to do that which has proved to be ineffective. This intellectual cage prevents minds from dealing with the problems which burden America through neo-hard tyranny.

Within their intellectual cages, mental inmates place their entire trust in elections. Just elect the “right” conservatives and all will be well. Ignore the demonstrable fact that sending good men and women to corrupt institutions almost always results in corrupted men and women.

Furthermore, the inmates must disregard another historical fact: no people EVER met in convention to sell themselves into slavery. Our caged fellow citizens are unaware of, or disregard, the distinction between the electoral and sovereign capacities of the people. When the sovereign delegates of the people meet in an Article V convention, they will serve under strict commissions imposed by the people via the states that sent them.

The sovereign capacity of the people, and not the shifting positions of two slutty political parties, define the boundaries of the great American experiment in free government.

Just as Hawking’s two dimensional people took advantage of a discovered third dimension, and Europe prospered after her Renaissance from darkness, America can add a third dimension to the two party intellectual prison: an Article V state amendments convention to restore free government.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder of the American Republic. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.