Great Crimes, No Punishment

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We honor our Framers as the greatest lawgivers in history, yet as a society we freeze at the thought of removing perhaps the greatest law-thief in history, Barack Obama.

The petty meth dealer does hard time. While horrible to the health of his customers, the damage done by a meth dealer is limited.

If he departs in 2017, Obama will retire in sumptuous luxury. The devastation perpetrated by this man and his ministers is enormous, widespread, and if left unchecked, will be permanent.

The lesson is that comparatively small crimes in America carry great punishment. High crimes against the nation earn lifelong wealth and celebrity.

Republican society passes laws to protect law abiding citizens from criminals. What recourse does society have against the greatest criminals, those who assault the sovereignty of hundreds of millions? What is to be done with Obama, who, by proclamation has largely assumed the lawmaking powers of Congress? Just as an individual has the right to defend himself from assault, society has a duty to defend itself from destruction.

All governments, no matter the form, place great responsibility on those given great authority. The president’s authority is defined by the Constitution. He is in possession of those tremendous powers and no more. Should he not be held accountable when he assumes powers never granted?

When he exceeds his commission, his acts are as extrajudicial as the local sheriff’s deputy who abuses his authority. Both are answerable. No power to do good can become a warrant to do evil.

Who is to judge the guilt of low crimes by a petty criminal, and the high crimes of a president? The answer to both are deputies of the people. For the petty criminal, a local jury of his peers will decide. For high crimes, the congress of the United States. Where the petty criminal may lose his liberty for selling a few grams of meth, the punishment for the man who stole the liberty of millions is merely the loss of his job.

Obama’s continuance in office illustrates the finger on the scale of US justice, which punishes the low and protects the grand.

America is all that is left. When America goes, so goes western civilization. There is little time.