Undivided Power Begets Undivided Tyranny. Always.

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The solution to America’s political discord resides within the American tradition. The answer is right in front of our noses.

First, if one thinks as the dimwitted commentariat, that the problem is bickering between the two political parties, the answer is simple. Eliminate the opposition. Destroy one, and the belligerent left standing will rule without discord. One party rule can be peaceful.

However, patriotic Americans see the problem in an undivided government in Washington DC rapidly eroding our freedom. Our Framers knew that who one elects is much less important to the larger problem of keeping all power out of the hands of a single cabal. Recall James Madison’s definition of tyranny as the holding of all powers, legislative, executive and judicial in the same hands, whether by one person, a few, or many and regardless of whether the hands were appointed or elected. This separation of powers theory is the bedrock, the foundation of free government. When power is divided, tyranny is impossible. Duh.

Undivided power inevitably leads to undivided tyranny. Isn’t that what we have? The three branches have, for all practical purposes, folded into one self-supporting mass. A president, a few hundred legislators, and nine judges are quite comfortable pushing us around and imposing, with little fear of retribution, their social justice theories on over three hundred million people.

But, according to so many, if we just elect virtuous politicians, all will be well. Despite our hundred year experience with popular elections to both the house and senate,  these well-meaning, concerned folks apparently imagine a semi-Utopian, Platonic peace where elected, wise philosophers administer a benevolent government that limits itself to enumerated powers, and resists popular demands for more goodies.

The assumption that since we have elections every-other-year, we must be a free people is a big hurdle for many to overcome. These otherwise intelligent citizens should refer to Einstein’s definition of insanity, for elections alone have proved to be insufficient to restore free government. Elections alone are demonstrably insufficient means to the desired end.

Where is the answer? It is within our proven American tradition. Divide power once again between the national government and states. Restore the all-important vertical separation of powers through a return to federalism.

To commence renewal of the American republic, the 17th Amendment must go. It actually is as simple as that.

Article V.