Natural Law and the Rise of Trump

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Check out Pope John Paul’s (1920-2005) observation of modern representative government:

“Regarding democracies, certain demands which arise within society are sometimes not examined in accordance with criteria of justice and morality, but rather on the basis of the electoral or financial power of the groups promoting them. With time, such distortions of political conduct create distrust and apathy, with a subsequent decline in the political participation and civic spirit of the general population which feels abused and neglected.”

“As a result, there is a growing inability to situate particular interests within the framework of a coherent vision of the common good. The common good is not simply the sum total of particular interests; rather it involves an assessment and integration of those interests on the basis of a balanced hierarchy of values; ultimately it demands a correct understanding of the dignity and the rights of the person.”[1]

In short, the Pope criticized corruption of free government. Instead of serving the just ends of government in accordance with the Natural Law precepts of our Declaration and Constitution, congress in the aggregate takes its collective orders from big donors and the executive branch. Congress is more than happy to serve the narrow interests of pay-to-play factions, which are typically at the expense of the common societal good congress is supposed to serve.

Legitimate manmade statutes involve force, with force being the use of powers granted by the sovereign people. John Locke used the term “violence” to describe the use of illegitimate power, the use of authority not granted but merely seized. When subject to violence, the sovereign has every right and duty to resist.

As the Pope related, when natural law justice is tossed aside, when individual rights are superseded by narrow interests, distrust and apathy increase as civic spirit declines. But after decades of mutely accepting violence, of watching jobs and industries go overseas, of enduring massive illegal immigration, the people this electoral season cheer and support a man who promises relief.

Knowingly or not, the rise Donald Trump is the reaction of a previously free people fed up with violations of Natural Law.

Natural Law is real. It is applicable everywhere, at all times, and is superior to man-made statutes. Woe to the government that attempts to ignore it.

Restore free government. Article V.

[1] Rice, C. (1999). 50 Questions on the Natural Law – What it is & Why We Need it. San Francisco: Ignatius Press. Page 73.