Islam and the 1st Amendment

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Are the tenets and practices of islam protected by the religion and free speech clauses of the 1st Amendment?


First, no right is unlimited to the point of denying rights to others. Shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is famously not protected speech. Neither are slander and libel. These corruptions of a basic individual right can result in physical or reputational injury. On a more elemental level, no individual acting on his own has the right to deny someone else of the first right of all, life itself.

Like the individual, civil society also has the right to self-preservation. Our republican form depends on, and indeed was built on, a civil society governed by the Law of Nature and Nature’s God. The Law of Nature is the Law of Reason, which is at one and the same time a command of God, a rule of reason and a law in the very nature of things as they are, by which they work and we work too.

Reason commands us as individuals to reject the teachings of a god that commands his disciples to chop off the heads of non-believers. From a societal standpoint, the teachings of islam are a direct assault, for islam rejects the foundation of our republic which are the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

Evil requires the departure of reason. Witness the condition of Germany and Sweden where unemployed third-world muslims are free to riot and rape. The Left has repeated for decades that all cultures are equal, that no culture save ours is worse than any other.  This is clearly a dangerous departure from God-given reason, and one that America must not accept.

Christianity doesn’t preach violence against civil society. Islam not only contributes nothing to the American republic, it seeks our demise as it preaches fighting words against western civilization. Stop all muslim immigration. Mosques should be surveilled and shut down on the first call to violence. As opposed to the teachings of Christianity, islam has no place in public schools.

Without civil society, free government is doomed. No society can be commanded to commit suicide.