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Fellow Patriots,

Its time for a pause in my weekly posts. After 320 squibs in less than three years I am in need of recharge and time to study some works languishing on my bookshelf.

What I didn’t expect to find along the way, and was happy to discover these past three years, is the wide and deep basket of histories by men who chronicled the loss of liberty. Whether in pagan Athens or Rome or Christian societies, I’ve learned there is no shortage of those who raised the alarm of advancing despotism. Some societies took note and reversed course. Most did not. Since human nature is as constant as Pi, and modern America has easy access to these past works, there is no excuse not to step back from the brink of tyranny.1

For what its worth, Livy’s The Rise of Rome reaches out to me and will be my next joy in research. Of course, and always within reach is Machiavelli’s Discourses on Livy. Between the two I hope to enrich my understanding of the people who rid themselves of kings, and while stumbling along the way, embraced the blessings of republican citizenship and liberty.

On the flip side, of those who lost liberty, is Lord Viscount Sir Robert Molesworth’s An Account of Denmark (1692). From its publisher the Liberty Fund, “Robert Molesworth (1656-1725) famously diagnosed the causes of a disordered commonwealth. Unlike the reception of Locke, Molesworth’s writings provided insight into processes of corruption rather than simply a set of prescriptive juristic values. Molesworth established how tyranny worked, identifying the contaminating ideologies and institutions.”

With his native England in mind, Molesworth wrote, “Therefore a sincere Desire of Instructing the only Possessors of True Liberty in the World, what Right they have to that Liberty, of how great a Value it is, what Misery follows the Loss of it, and how easily, if Care be taken in time, it may be preserved, has induced me to Translate and send Abroad this small Treatise. And if it either opens the Eyes, or confirms the Honourable Resolutions of any of my Worthy Countrymen, I have gained a Glorious End.”

As American Progressives turn increasingly violent in their open hostility to Western Civilization, we the patriots have the duty to reclaim the liberty bequeathed by our ancestors. I believe we still have, per Molesworth, the time to examine and reverse the processes of a corruption on open display in our Senate and the Obama/Lynch/NSA/CIA/DOJ/FBI attempted coup d’état. History will not treat well a people who gaffed off their responsibility to peacefully restore that which secures national happiness and liberty.

So, unless internet service providers in the near future do the same with ArticleVBlog as Facebook and Twitter have done to conservative voices . . . I’ll be back.

1. I follow John Locke’s distinction between usurpation and tyranny. Usurpation in government occurs when one branch exercises the legitimate power of another branch, say when scotus assumes the lawmaking duty of Congress. When a person or body exercises powers not granted at all, they are tyrannical and deserve to be put down as one would do to a rabid dog.