I am a Radical Republican

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Subtitle: Words Matter.

Leftists are nothing if not serial abusers of words. In recent decades the Left hijacked the meaning of so many that it is often difficult to use them in rational arguments supportive of our founding principles. Words that were once neutrally descriptive or connoted a societal good are today either confusing or have negative associations:

• Red –> Conservative. This one grinds me most of all. Red Army, Red Brigades, Little Red Book, and Red October, the movie Reds, etc., all attach themselves to murderous red communism.
• Blue –> Leftist. Barf.
• Liberal –> Progressive. FDR wasn’t liberal. Our Founding generation was liberal.
• Rhetoric –> Right-wing Bravo Sierra.
• Progressive –> An enlightened Social Justice Warrior.
• Regressive –> Conservative.
• Conservative –> Radical Right-Winger, Reactionary Wingnut.
• Christian –> Violent Religious Zealot.
• Murder of the unborn and newborn –> Right to Choose, Right to Privacy.
• Opposition to the muslim invasion –> Islamophobia.
• Jihad –> Poof! Gone. It doesn’t exist.
• Gay –> Homosexual.
• Pedophilia –> What middle-aged homosexual Catholic priests do with cute teenage boys.
• Racist –> Non-Leftist Caucasian.
• Founders –> Slave-owning, dead, white oppressors.

So, when the patriot uses these words and terms, he must first surmount a hill of disapproval. In contrast, the Leftist need not directly accuse his opponents of anything. The subconscious, everyday meanings of the words they hijacked have a built-in connection with dangerous reactionaries who intend to steal your rights.

As serial abusers of words and language, the Left elevated the loaded question to a form of perverted art. “Have you stopped beating your wife?” is the classic example of a loaded question. Another one, which the Left repeats ad nauseam in various forms after every jihadi massacre, goes something like this:

Why should merely cracking down on terrorism help to stop it, when that method hasn’t worked in any other country? Why are we so hated in the Muslim world? What did our government do there to bring this horror home to all those innocent Americans?

The generic use of mushy “terrorism,” rather than “jihad,” avoids the unpleasant fact that islam is responsible for the overwhelming majority of terror attacks. Islam is not benign, but is instead the user manual for an invading force of irregular soldiers intent on our destruction and enslavement. More importantly, the loaded question doesn’t ask. Instead, it is one or more statements in the form of questions. From the pull quote, a dimwitted listener learns the US wastes its resources cracking down on ill-defined terror, and inflicts atrocities so horrible that disciples of an entire religion want to get even.

With skilled use of highjacked words in loaded questions, our K-16 educators, media, and pop culture are more than halfway to winning the battle for America’s hearts and minds.

I reject it all. Here and now, I abscond with a common Leftist word: ‘Radical’.

As an adjective, radical applies to one who favors going to the root of things; one who is thoroughly in earnest. A ‘Republican’ supports representative, indirect democracy in which the will of the people is tempered by others entrusted to apply their judgement to the needs of the nation. So yes, when combined, I consider myself a radical in the search and promotion of those first principles of American Republicanism. I embrace the free government, republican principles of our Founding and Framing generations. There is no reason to relinquish our language to those who work toward our destruction.1

As a radical republican I reject the soft and uplifting word, ‘Progressive,’ and swear to tag such people for what they are: Marxists. Marxists have steamrolled our society and institutions; they pit every possible category of Americans at each other throats, not for fuzzy social justice, but rather to incite a civil discord that demands a violent putdown and establishment of authoritarian oppression.

As a long time, self-described conservative, I find the modern term is not only one of many hijacked by the Marxists, it is inadequate even when bantered about among fellow conservatives. Its typical connotation rarely goes beyond smaller government and lower taxes. These are worthy goals, but they are insufficient. They are cautious and don’t stir the soul.2

Tell someone you are a radical republican and watch their eyes light up. What do you mean? Tell them the American Republic is the most radical regime of liberty in human history. As for the Civil War, be proud that radical republicans of the era brought about the 13th-15th Amendments to the Constitution. REPULICANS freed blacks from bondage and made them citizens. How is that for social justice? How is that for keeping the Founding principle that all men are created equal?

Those who oppose the hostile takeover of our language and culture present a problem for the Marxists. We, the radical republicans, stand in opposition to every Marxist premise. It is past time to do unto them what they have long done to us, but rather than threaten violence, politely ridicule and berate their ideas. Put down their destructive identity politics. Stop fighting on their turf. Like cockroaches, Marxists scurry from the light; shine on them the light of truth, the first principles of American free government.

In the next few squibs, we’ll not only examine those first principles, we’ll identify the intellectual foundations of American free government; against this, no sleazy, deceptive Marxist can possibly fight and win.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Government is the playground of politicians, but the Constitution is ours. Be proactive. Restore the American Tradition. Join Convention of States.

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