My Email to Filibustering Nebraska Senators

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A quick blurb. It is flashing red siren alert time for the COS movement. Hopefully everyone reading this received an email from COS to contact six Nebraska senators who are filibustering LR6, the Convention of States Resolution. Should the single house legislature pass this resolution, Nebraska will be the eleventh state to apply for an Article V convention.

For what it is worth, below is my email to these senators:

Senator Lydia Brasch:

Senator Matt Hansen:

Senator Tony Vargas:

Senator Bob Krist:

Senator Sue Crawford:

Senator Adam Morfeld:

Dear Senator,

I ask you to reconsider your filibuster of LR6.

The descendants of We the People, of those who ratified the original and amended Nebraska and US Constitutions are the source of your political power. I write without exaggeration that without us and our concurrence to those two compacts of government, we would all be slaves.

I’m confident that, in your heart, you know very well how you and your constituents chafe at the heavy hand of the US government. Congress and various agencies threaten loss of funding if Nebraska doesn’t follow their diktats. Aside from pleading with distant authoritarian agencies, you are often helpless to assist your people.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and an Article V Convention of the States (COS) is the Constitutional means to restore free government, that happy condition wherein government respects and protects the unalienable, Natural Rights of the nation, and makes no law without its consent.

If you are concerned that a COS would runaway into what God only knows, the Framers inserted Article V to prevent resort to revolution, to address and correct errors and outrages that can only be addressed by the Sovereign People. Furthermore, Nebraska delegates to a COS will be limited in their authority by their commissions from the Nebraska legislature. It will be perfectly safe.

Senator, societal pressure is approaching dangerously high levels in the remains of our republic. Free government is largely gone, and only a COS can possibly lead to its restoration.

Please reconsider your opposition to LR6.


Rodney Dodsworth