To my Subscribers: A Look at Your Blogger

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Yours truly and my lovely wife, Sherri

From various websites, I’ve read of the attributes of successful bloggers. While I wish I had all of them, I believe I’ve managed to ping a couple of the most important.

One is a personal attachment the blogger should establish with his readers. As subscriber to a couple of blogs, I admire one in particular. In an informative semi-weekly post, the lady author deftly incorporates a photo of her little girl. Through this, I not only appreciate her lessons, I enjoy watching her daughter grow up. THAT is connecting with a readership! I suppose I could try something similar, but since it isn’t my nature, I’m certain I’d screw it up and come across as an incredible phony. One should not fake cuteness.

Rather than cuteness, I hope my deep love of America comes through in every post. America didn’t emerge from a vacuum.  Our beloved nation is the sum of every good that western man could muster together in one people. As such, it is worth defending from barbarians.

Second, the blogger must define success. There must be a reason for doing what we do. For most, a successful blog generates revenue commensurate with the time one puts into the effort. For me, as someone who has always taken a long view of things, and is comfortable enough in his surroundings and condition, I define blogging success as witnessing an Article V convention before I pass on. Okay, I’m not that old, only sixty-two, and figure I have upwards of thirty years to devote to this all-important event. Just roll with me.

My approach to Article V is through the lens of history, histories that serve as counsel from the ancients and their successors through the ages. To this end, I necessarily regard the nature of 21st century man as no different from that of men in 6th century BC Rome. By trade, I am not an historian or political scientist; I am a fellow citizen who cherishes America and has devoted many enjoyable hours these past ten or so years in study of her heritage and first principles.

I think it was Woody Allen who said that 90% of success can be credited to just showing up. I’ve always been an early riser, and half an hour or so after getting up each morning before 4:00 AM, I show up in my study. What follows are my favorite hours of the day. There, between four and seven, I often find myself as enthralled as I was when reading Horatio Hornblower some fifty years ago. But instead of fighting alongside swashbuckling Royal Navy Captains as they repel boarders, I’m in the less boisterous, but equally serious company of the ancient and Renaissance historians, Enlightenment philosophers and our Founders and Framers.

May I continue to be worthy of your readership in 2017.

Best Regards,

Rod Dodsworth