Federal Judge Extends Florida Registration

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US District Judge Mark Walker

US District Judge Mark Walker

Another day, another judicial usurpation. Yesterday, in a display of judicial overreach so familiar in federal courts, US District Judge Mark Walker agreed with the Democrat Party of Florida and extended voter registration by an additional week. The excuse this time to rewrite state law was the supposed inconvenience caused by Hurricane Matthew’s slow pass up Florida’s east coast.

Like Leftist Judges across the nation, Walker breezily assumed lawmaking power in matters reserved to the states. After the usual give and take and debate associated with developing statutes, the Florida legislature limited registration to a month before the general election. Period. End of story.

But, to the Left, nothing is settled if it upsets their social justice schemes. Why is it so important to the FL Democrat Party to extend registration? With fifty-two weeks in a year, why should county supervisors of elections be burdened with an extended deluge of last minute registrations to authenticate when they are busy handling early voting submissions and preparing their polling places for November 8th?

Could it be that Hurricane Matthew disturbed plans to dump tens of thousands of unverifiable registrations on county supervisors in the most populous parts the state? Did the FL Democrat Party have to answer this question? Why did the Party have standing to sue in the first place? Elections do not exist to promote the goals of ANY faction, any political group that by definition puts its narrow interests far above those of the people.

The smokescreen in this lawsuit, the one accepted nationwide by statist judges is the elevation of universal suffrage as a right above all others, and certainly above the authority of legislatures, and legislatures alone, to craft statutes. When measures passed by voters or legislators meet social justice criteria, the media cite ‘bipartisan support’ and declare the measures constitutional. If social justice criteria are not met, if the law or measure actually comports with the Florida and Federal Constitutions, yet does not serve social justice, then statists judges feel free to rewrite or dump the law entirely.

As applied here, and in a slap at Governor Rick Scott, who refused to extend the registration period when asked by the FL Democrat Party, Judge Walker wrote, “No right is more precious than having a voice in our elections.” And the Left means ALL voices, the more the merrier in a system that has been corrupted from one that secures unalienable rights into another that promotes social justice majoritarianism in which citizen and non-citizen alike are welcome.

Without reference to a particular section or clause of the US Constitution, Walker made a further fool of himself in asserting, “They deserve a break, especially one that is mandated by the United States Constitution.” This sounds way cooler than expressing his real purpose: The Democrat Party needs more time to steal the election.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States.