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After 115 substantive posts in as many days, I am taking a day off.

Instead, I direct your attention to the right-hand sidebar. Email subscription is available. Do not fear spam, malware, or anything else will follow you back home. You will be asked via email to verify your subscription. That is all.

Just before I started this blog in earnest back in February, an online friend wrote that I needed to define success. One cannot undertake dedicated blogging without a goal to keep one motivated.

My straightforward goal is to witness an Article V state convention. While I believe the first order of business should be repeal of the mistaken and horrid 17th Amendment, I will consider myself successful even if the convention adjourns without recommending a single amendment to the states.

The nation will take notice that the Constitution wasn’t shredded. Instead, perhaps this convention thing will take hold in the minds of the people-at-large. Perhaps the nation will realize that it does not have to stand for usurpations and can actually turn our social justice de facto living and breathing Constitution back into a real, de jure Supreme Law of the Land.

Best Free Government Regards to all,