Reclaim Our Stolen Sovereignty

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A visitor to America, say a modern Alexis de Tocqueville, might conclude that the American form of government is despotic. Considering we have presidential elections every four years, our imaginary visitor could further refine his observations and determine America 2016 to be an elective despotism.

And why not? Obama’s speeches ooze with “I” and “me.” His cabinet secretaries and party have demonstrated loyalty to his person and not the Constitution. Notwithstanding his oath of office, which is a solemn promise to see that the laws be faithfully executed, he pledged to fundamentally transform America. These are mutually exclusive, and we know which one he cherishes.

Sovereignty is defined as the source from which all governing authority flows, and the essence of sovereignty is law making. Alas, despite Article I § 1, our reps and senators no longer write laws; they draft enabling acts preapproved by the president. Recall that Obamacare was enacted entirely by democrats without debate or comprehension. Obamacare enabled Obama to write the healthcare regulations which have the force of law.

When challenged by over half of the states, Scotus dutifully rewrote a penalty into a tax, and ultimately determined that Obama can force you and I to purchase a service we may not want.

In short, Obama is exercising arbitrary power through constitutional means. Obama and his unelected surrogates determine the righteousness, legality and constitutionality of his acts. This isn’t rule of law. It is violence. It is arbitrary. It is despotic. It reflects a practical, de facto sovereignty sourced in the Oval Office.

With depressing regularity, Obama absorbs another power or stomps on another right. He so much as plucked the appropriations power from congress. The internet is his. He makes war and treaties.

Our Despot-in-Chief clearly despises free elections. To the extent he puts up with elections at all, election results must conform to his policies. Recall not two days after the 2014 mid-terms, he informed the nation that he thoroughly understood the tally, that the 70% or so of the electorate that didn’t vote GOP or didn’t vote at all sent the clear message that he was on the right track. Are these pronouncements those of a fellow citizen temporarily elevated to a position of high trust and honor in order to carry out carefully crafted, limited constitutional duties, or are they of a man hostile to free government?

Can we actually expect Obama to risk his transformational legacy on a clean 2016 presidential election, or will his partners in high crimes from the NSA, IRS, DOJ ensure the election of a qualified successor?

OTOH, Obama is drunk on power. Who else but He is qualified to exert sovereignty, to continue the despotic transformation of America?

Yet, not all of the useful instruments of power are in Obama’s hands. The states still exist. Obama does not elect state legislators. We do.

Sixty-six of ninety-nine state houses are not controlled by democrats. State legislators are not YET under his thumb. It is through the states and the states alone that We the Sovereign People can exert our inherent, God-given and Article V power to reassert the American Republic.

We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder of the American Republic. Join Convention of States. Sign our COS Petition.

Article V.